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Do you struggle to prioritise self-care? Are you constantly giving too much of yourself to others? This book will give you the tools and confidence to put yourself first and make self-care a priority.

Self Care For Givers and the Helping Professions’ is a must-read book for any kind of givers, care givers, healers and empaths, as well as anyone who struggles with mental health or supports those who do.

This practical yet personal book explores why we don’t and how we can care for our Mind, Body and Spirit, taking the reader on a journey through common blocks and obstacles that so many of us have to self-care. From our thoughts about how selfish it feels to pay attention to ourselves and what we can do about that, to treating ourselves with compassion when we don’t manage to self-care as our conscience may be prodding us to! Self-care can be about removing that guilt and taking ownership, so that you do not feel you are always offering an empty cup.

“Many of you may relate to how grumpy and irritable we feel when we are tired and worn out, and burn-out is common in the helping profession, but not always recognised until it’s happened. It’s time for self-care to be normalised. 

There are examples of my own difficulties of self-care through agoraphobia, social phobia, M.E. Unable to work for years, by adopting a holistic lifestyle, my story as a self-employed Holistic Therapist is different nowadays – but still a work in progress! This book discusses this voyage of discovery, with an emphasis throughout on helping you find what is right for you – we are all different.”

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‘Self-Care for Givers and the Helping Professions’ is the first book by Emma Sims. It draws on her own personal experiences along with over two decades of work as a therapist to help survivors, therapists and givers recognise the need to care for themselves, and offers a range of tried and tested techniques to help restore energy, balance and wellness.

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Reviews for ‘Self-Care for Givers and the Helping Professions’

“This book is packed with knowledge, ideas and tips that can help bring us into a place of greater health and well being – physically, emotionally and mentally. A book to be kept and re-read.” ★★★★★ Lin

“This book is definitely one to have for any kind of givers, care givers, healers or empaths.” ★★★★★ YP

“This book has helped me to feel so much better about myself and my mental health. I have realised it’s OK to feel how I do and I can help myself. “ ★★★★★ Lou

“This book is a wonderful reminder of the many ways that we can integrate self-care into our daily lives and why it should not just be a luxury for that once a year holiday, but is a necessity to be well balanced, grounded and happy in our day to day life.” ★★★★ Llamandra


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