COMING SOON: Hazy Days – An Activity Book for Coordinators and Carers in Dementia Care


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This book is designed to help activity co-ordinators and carers who are working with people in the later stages of dementia illnesses, in particular, those resident in nursing homes. It presents a collection of ideas and guidelines that can be evolved and rearranged to meet the needs of different homes, residents and coordinators. Activities for this group need lots of imagination and adaptation to be useful, while organising successful activity sessions takes time and forethought. Most important of all, however, is getting to know the people you are working with. 

About the Author

Marion Longshadow has spent nearly a decade working with residents with advanced dementia in mid-Wales, both as a hands-on carer and as an activity coordinator, training in Health and Social Care before entering university to study Psychology at degree level. She has three children, five grandchildren and lives with her partner in Wales.

This book comes about from her own personal experience as a carer and activities co-ordinator providing activity opportunities in a nursing home. She originally took the role on in addition to being a carer, because no one else in the home wanted to do it.

Although with research, investment and changes to care standards (Care Standards Act 2014), the benefits of organised leisure activities for the elderly mentally ill continue to be better understood, many care homes rely on part time staff and volunteers to fulfil the provision of activities to their residents, with few training opportunities and limited budgets to supply the resources a comprehensive activity programme needs.

It is hoped that this handbook will help those working with activities to investigate ideas, stretch their imagination and find a way to create meaningful activities for their residents in the home.

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