Personal Development

Goals | Magazine

Train For Your Goals, Not Other People’s

Do you aspire to do big things? Do you aspire to become extremely fit and athletic? Do you aspire to become the best entrepreneur in

To Do List | Magazine

Prioritizing Our Tasks (The Eisenhower Matrix)

Does it ever occur to you that we ask too much of ourselves and others? There’s the same amount of time in each day, but our

Startup Stories

West Plum Studio Website | Magazine

How a love of design led to an ethical, eco friendly business

In this edition of Startup Stories, I speak to Sophie Roberts, an entrepreneur who has combined a love of design with a passion for creating

Apples and Pips Website | Magazine

How a desire to get more out of motherhood led to an online business

In this exciting edition of Startup Stories, J.Allan Longshadow talks to the incredible founder and Voom 2018 Semi-finalist Hannah Clarke, whose online store and social