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When Will Black Lives Really Matter?

Just a couple of months after talking about the death of George Floyd, J.Allan Longshadow joins Kyle Jackson once again to discuss the issue of police brutality, racism in America and Black Lives Matter, as yet another horrific incident hits the headlines.

In this no-holds-barred interview, we look at what it really feels like to be a black person in America, why the American situation should serve as a warning to the world and most importantly, how we can overcome this by uniting in peace, love and respect.

Despite the brutality and violence witnessed over recent months and years, Kyle still believes there is a light at the end of the tunnel – but it is up to everybody to make the vision of an equal America (and world) come true.

Listen to the full interview now:

Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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