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What are the main benefits of meditating?

Meditation has previously been associated with religion and individuals that have strong faiths and belief systems. However, over the past decade, more and more people are adopting meditation techniques into their everyday lives and are feeling the benefits of doing so. 

In this article, we will discuss what the main benefits of meditation are and how you can incorporate meditation into your busy schedule. 

What is mediation?

There are many common misconceptions surrounding meditation. One of which is that meditation has to be done sitting cross-legged on the floor. This is not true at all – you can meditate sitting in a chair or sofa and even lying down in bed. Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime (as long as it’s safe to do so). 

Meditation is all about taking time for yourself, taking yourself out of stressful and busy situations in order to improve your overall state of mind. The way people meditate and the techniques they use are unique to them, and what suits them best. You will get to know what works for you and what helps you relax. 

However, if you are completely new to meditation and are wondering where to start, it is recommended that you follow a guided meditation. There are hundreds of free guided meditations online that are easy to find, and they all have different aims. For example, if you are struggling to fall asleep at night, try listening to a guided meditation to aid sleep or improve insomnia. 

“Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.” – Headspace

What are the main benefits of meditating regularly?

Meditation has the potential to improve the psychological, emotional, and physical quality of life for those who dedicate time to practising meditation regularly. Here are some scientifically-proven benefits of regular meditation:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self Awareness
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Can Generate Kindness
  • Help Fight Addictions
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Helps Control Pain
  • Decreases Blood Pressure

Find out more about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation here.

Top Tips for introducing meditation into your life

If you are a complete beginner in the world of meditation, you may not know where to start. Here are some top tips to introduce you, and to help you find what works for you:

  • Download a meditation app such as Headspace
  • Dedicate just five minutes per day to meditate
  • Follow a guided meditation – you can find hundreds of these on YouTube
  • Try both sitting on a chair and lying on a bed to see which you prefer
  • Make your environment as relaxing as possible using low light, candles or incense sticks. 
  • Write a journal of your experiences after each time you meditate
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