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We’ve said NO to racism

At, we believe that there is no place for racism in a modern society. That’s why we are proud to announce that we are now a signatory of Zero Racism Wales – and we would like to invite you to sign up too.

“Racism exists every day, and unfortunately it also exists here in Wales. There is so much more we can do to hold ourselves and one another accountable, to uphold the highest standards of inclusion, appreciation and celebration of diversity across Wales. We stand in solidarity. We come together in unity and purpose; and we say NO to racism in all its forms.

Zero Racism Wales calls on all organisations and individuals committed to promoting racial harmony and equity to sign up to our zero-tolerance policy to racism in Wales and implement the commitments outlined by the policy within the workplace and their day to day lives.

By signing up and agreeing to the policy, you agree to take a stand against racism and promote a more inclusive and equal workplace and society that gives every individual in Wales the right to feel safe, valued and included.”

View our pledge here.

Show your support for a zero-tolerance approach to racism in Wales.

Sign the policy today.

Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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