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We all have a gift – have you discovered yours?

I have to say, during this little Covid-19 pandemic/ stay-at-home/quarantine/ social distancing event of 2020, I’ve had a chance to catch up on a lot of music. I was reminded of the Elton John classic, “Your Song,” and it’s lyrics. Not sure if you’ve heard it (where have you been all these years?) but if not, check it out. Even Lady Gaga recently covered it and did a fantastic job. 

The song has a great lyric that I cherish. “My gift is my song and this one’s for you.” I love that lyric for many reasons. I believe we’re all gifted in some way; blessed or given a talent or ability or gift that just makes us unique, like a pure snowflake, never two ever truly alike. 

For the singer/songwriter/legend Elton John, I’m assuming his gift is his songs. And his lyrics. I mean, let’s face it, the guy has been entertaining the world for more than forty years so it’s pretty hard to deny that his gift is truly his song.

So what’s your gift? Through this little isolation period, we’ve had time away from the world to maybe figure a few things out about people, places or things. The nouns, I call them.  Maybe you – or the collective we, as people – have taken the time to maybe figure out ourselves; to go within, reconnect with someone or something within ourselves to maybe see what we offer the world. To find our gift. 

As I communicate with old colleagues, I find many of them have reached out to old friends, started a new hobby such as knitting, poetry, art, or even started nightly FaceTime groups with friends to help each other get through this isolation event. Some of them are finding their gift. Maybe they don’t even know it yet. Maybe it took a little time away from being in large groups and being told to stay home allowed some the time to slow down, and find their gift? Or maybe lead them on the path to it? Time will tell. 

As we continue to social distance, this might be the perfect time to start that path on the road to eating healthier, or maybe writing a poem, or taking a paintbrush to canvas, or being bold and digging to find that one thing you love doing and going ahead with it. 

If one man’s gift is his song – then ask yourself – what’s your gift? And are you using it for the greater good? 

In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy, and stay astonishing.

This article was originally published here on the Astonishing Tales digital magazine on 22/04/2020

Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson is the Founder, Publisher Executive Editor of The Astonishing Tales digital magazine. A New Orleanian, hard-charging journalist, he currently lives in Detroit. As a writer, journalist and editor, he has written for publications including The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette Business Journal and CityBusiness.

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