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Want to Succeed? Do This Every Day

There is no one simple solution to achieving success. Success is more akin to the cumulative result of a huge number of conscious actions and behaviours; it is something like a number of different paths converging. It is the result of hard work and determination – often over a long period of time.

Action is everything

All of this begins with action. However, in order to be fruitful and worthwhile, action needs planning. In order for an action to be of value, it has to be aligned with a specific goal. If we do not set out a clear and definite aim, our actions will lack focus and we risk our efforts being wasted. Our actions must take us along one of the paths that converge, not send us down a dead-end road that eventually forces us to turn back and retrace our steps.

The importance of setting your objective

So how do we go about planning our actions? The key is in making a personal mission statement, a written set of objectives for a given period that you completely commit yourself to. Of course, it all begins with your main objective, your long game. Where is it you want to be in life? What is the single thing you want to achieve? Once this has been established with absolute clarity, you are ready to break this down into sub-objectives with different time scales.

What’s your number 1?

Now it may be that you have several aims. In such a case, you need to decide which one is of the greatest importance and focus on this at the exclusion of all others. Decide which ones you can come back to at a later stage in your journey once you have completed mission number one. You may also find that some of your goals diminish along the way and no longer hold relevance. Don’t be afraid to let go of these. There is a huge difference between giving up on a genuinely worthwhile goal and simply freeing yourself of distractions.

Set your milestones

Only when you know exactly what it is you are on a mission to achieve and have set a deadline can you break it down into measurable milestones. As you continue to do this, you will eventually whittle your big goal down into daily objectives. And this is where the magic really happens. Even if you commit to just one tiny task a day, writing this task down as an obligation whose completion is absolutely non-negotiable 

Put pen to paper

Once you begin setting your daily objectives and cementing them by putting pen to paper, you will force yourself to identify what actions you can take in order to fulfil them. Once the actions required of you are clear, it is simply a case of delivering. 

If you really, truly wish to succeed, set yourself at least one measurable goal for every day – preferably on advance – and write it down. Not on a computer or smartphone, but with traditional ink and paper. In doing this, you immediately convert each and every goal into something tangible. It is much harder to renege on something you can hold and touch. Finally, do not go to bed until you have achieved your daily objective.

Plan, act, sleep, repeat. Real results will follow.

Jan Longshadow
I am a coach, mentor, author and radio presenter with a passion for positivity. I founded in 2016.

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