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Want to embrace adversity? Dance with it!

Part of what I love about my work is the deep connections I regularly make with others.

It doesn’t just happen in coaching sessions or workshops; it occurs during support calls and random places like checkout lines. I’ve always had a love for connecting with people and getting to know their stories. It opens something up in myself to learn more about others. It’s a beautiful thing—the people who I coach aren’t just clients, they are teachers as well. I get to learn from them as they open up and share their dreams, pain, struggles, and accomplishments.

We’re all teachers for each other if you think about it. 

A while back, I spoke to a young man in his early twenties who floored me with his story.

He scheduled a 30-minute call with me, but it lasted for almost an hour. I forgot I was speaking to someone who was born in 1997 – I felt like I was talking to a 50-year-old man. His self-awareness, maturity, was off the chart, and his accomplishments were mind-blowing for his age. What was even more impressive was the adversity he overcame to get where he is today. 

He has an incredible story that I hope he will share with the world one day. He defied the odds on every level! He opened up to me early during the call and shared the shame of his family background and his struggles growing up. Unbelievable struggles! I could feel his pain as he opened up, and the mother in me wanted to come out and hug him. What an inspiration he will be to so many, I thought. 

Like most high achievers, he took his pain, and he made it work for him. He decided early on he wasn’t going to be a victim of his circumstances. Instead, he was going to be a champion—a winner in life. Today, at only 23 years old, he is making six figures in a great career while continuing his college education. Crazy amazing!  As the conversation progressed, I learned that his next journey in life is to help others who are going through adversity bust through it. It was an honour to be in his corner, supporting him with changing lives.

I wanted to share this experience with you, mainly because it’s a beautiful reminder that there is always hope. Even when it feels like we’re in muddy waters, we still have a choice to walk over the puddle and keep moving towards a better direction. Move towards the roses. At times it may appear as though our only direction is to stay stuck in a situation, and hope is out of reach. Despite any fear that shows up, there is always hope and always a different direction to take. 

Hope is only a reach away, and it never dies. Keep your eye on what moves you forward.

Focus on the positive things that seed and bring out the roses, not the negative things that bring out the weeds. Stay out of the muddy waters. 

The possibility for growth and overcoming anything lies in the “roses,” not the mud. However, at you’re focusing on (roses or mud) will determine how fast you get out of your situation. 

When we focus more on the negative in our life, we tend to attract more of it. It attaches itself to us, and when it does, it stinks! It follows us wherever we go. Most of the time, when we stink, we can’t smell it, but others can. Dwelling on our circumstances will keep us in the mud. I invite you to shake off the dirt and move towards the roses. 

An incredible life is not just for some people; it’s for all of us to experience. Smell like a rose and attract more beauty into your life. When adversity shows up, and it will – dance with it. Make it work for you. During the dance, be the leader, not the follower. You have the choice to design the life you want – be the leader!

Dance with adversity and smell like a rose!

PS: If you are looking for additional support, let’s jump on a call and chat! You can schedule HERE.

This post was originally published here in the Astonishing Tales Digital Magazine.

Francine Favret
An Executive Coach and Certified Speaker, I guide professionals to having really great relationships so they can flourish both personally and professionally.

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