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How 3 IT experts turned a love of dogs into a world class business

Dog | MagazineIn this edition of Startup Stories, Amrit Mirchandani talks to the founders of PetYo and creators of the forthcoming PetYo Festival. All from IT backgrounds, the three founders were brought together by a shared love for their four legged friends and combined their talents to create a world class platform for pet owners.

Founder Names

Rajeev Kumar, Abhishek Khemka, Jay Mistry

Business Name: PetYo(Mobile App), The PetYo Festival (Yearly event)

Social Profiles:

Where are you from?

Rajeev Kumar: Bareilly (U.P.)

Abhishek Khemka: Patna (Bihar)

Jay Mistry: Bilimora (Gujarat)

What inspired Your Business:

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a love for our dogs; RoBo, Maxy & Junior.

All three of us have worked in the IT Industry for more than a decade in different fields.

I head a software testing company named AppTest Software Pvt. Ltd.

Abhishek heads a software development company named Rikoouu Health Care Pvt. Ltd, while Jay heads a software design company named Crive Creatives Pvt. Ltd.

Most of the time we are behind our laptop screens with very little physical activity and personal/social life. But after these four legged babies came into our lives, everything turned upside down in a positive manner.

We have to get up and leave the bed on time to ensure they have had their walks. Trust me that was almost unimaginable before these four legs babies came into our life.

Now we are more caring, more disciplined and a lot more social (quite a lot of people know us now in town…or rather our cute best friends, our doggies).

Tell us more about your Passions:

Our passions are the same – our dogs and technology. Today we are best friends and business partners because of our dogs and our vision to provide more technology-driven solutions. This is very interesting to know that for any full range software services provider; three areas are the bare minimum. Design, Development and Testing!! We are neighbours but before our dogs came in our lives we were not even aware of each other’s professions. But today we are the proud partners of a world-class full-service software company.

What was the inspiration for PetYo? We faced many issues after becoming pet parents. For example, We had many questions about our dogs; their health, their food, the best vet in town, Which food brand was good for our dogs, License, KCI documents, vaccinations and what not. Then there was the issue of finding friends for our dogs and finding like-minded pet parents also.  

Trust me, if you Google any question from the above list or ask in any social group then 100s of options pop up and you will surely get confused.

We are creating a digital platform as a one-stop solution for all pet related needs. Initially, We wanted to help our dogs, but going forward PetYo will help all pets across the globe.

The PetYo Festival is a yearly event from PetYo to include all possible pet owners to have a fun get together with their pets.

Why does your PetYoStand out? We are dog parents first, then business owners of PetYo and organizers of The PetYo Festival. We know what we want as end customers. We need not pretend to be end customers to understand their requirements. We are honest about our services and the freshness of our ideas ,The PetYo Festival will enable us to be the best service providers in the Pet Industry.

PetYo is a product of the same company. The PetYo Festival will be our yearly event to celebrate the special bond of love between pets and humans!!

Tell us more about the PetYo event:

The PetYo Festival is our yearly event to celebrate the special bond of love between pets and humans!

This year on 8th April 2018 PetYo is going to celebrate the pet and human bond with an envisioned event named The PetYo Festival – Pune 2018.

The theme of The PetYo Festival – Pune 2018 is Co-Exist. This year, our focus will be on pets and uman relationship.

This PetYo’s special event will provide companies and organizations with an exclusive opportunity to come closer to their targeted customers. At the same time, all pet parents and pet lovers can come together and buy right products on the spot and be aware of the best services.

The main aim of The PetYo Festival is to provide a social environment for all pet parents and fellow citizens. The PetYo Festival will introduce pet parents to the best of industry professionals. We will also help sheltered animals(Through NGOs and Activities) to meet parents seeking a loving pet.

The PetYo Festival will promote healthy and new products for start-ups in the Pet Industry, and finally will set a benchmark for future yearly pet festivals.

How will The PetYo Festival be different from the other Pet Events in Pune?

All Pet Festivals are great, I am sure every organizer wants to give an awesome experience to their visitors.

In The PetYo Festival, our focus will be to not stress our pets as can happen in traditional dog shows. The idea is to create an environment for pets where we can all feel happy, relax and just enjoy the time. No one should force them to do something against their will.

For example, I would appreciate a dog who does not want to walk showcasing his talent but loves to lick and play with the dog standing next to him. In The PetYo Festival, each pet is a hero! They will always be our best friends!

But yes, I would love to see if your pet can perform some special trick!! Again, a pet should love to do that, never be forced to do it.

This is going to be our first edition in Pune but we are very clear with our associations, and very careful while picking our partners.

This year our venue for The PetYo Festival is Amanora Club House, one of the elite clubhouses in Pune.

In place of calling any event anchor, we have decided to call MJ Tarun of Radio One which is a Retro Radio station based in Pune to host our event.

Most of our partners and vendors are the best in their class.

What is the ultimate goal of the PetYo Festival:

To become a well-known event in the world for a creative approach to pampering pets and bringing satisfaction and smiles to humans.

What advice do you give to fellow dog lovers?

Your dog is not any other soft toy which you can return, replace, mishandle and leave just like that. Treat them like your child and in return, they will fulfill your life’s true happiness. Never ever leave them, for them you are their life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about dogs?

Do not pamper your dogs so much….I know its hard but try to chill on the treats 😉

Best Movie Ever Watched about Dogs

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Favorite Place Travelled with Your Dog.

He loves to travel with me in my car all over Pune, especially the famous hill station Lonavala!! He is crazy for sand so the next trip is the Sandy beaches of Goa! Magazine
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