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Top tips for creating a calming home environment

Home inspiration is a much talked about topic on social media at the moment, with home interior accounts being extremely popular on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest. Whether you are choosing to upgrade just one room or your whole home, there are so many ideas out there to suit all styles. 

If you are looking for some ideas on how you can create a calm feeling in your home, we have put together some of our top tips on how to establish a sense of peace in any of the rooms in your home.

1. Remove the clutter

A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. Clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos and can often lead to constant worry over lost or misplaced items. Having a tidy, organised and minimalistic home when it comes to belongings will lead to a much less stressful home. If tackling your whole home is too daunting, start off by tidying one room at a time, or even one drawer at a time.

2. Consider your colour scheme

Colour has been proven to influence our mood. It is so important to choose the right colour scheme for a room, based on how you want to feel whilst spending time in there. For example, a common colour for a bathroom is blue. Blue reminds people of water and the thought of this allows people to relax. 

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3. Introduce indoor plants

One of the most popular ways that people like to destress after a busy week is to spend time in nature. There is something so calming about plants – why not bring some of the outdoors inside? Not only do plants add a lovely pop of colour to your interiors, but they also help to eliminate toxins from the air, re-oxygenating your home. If you are nervous about keeping plants thriving, go for an easy option such as succulents or cacti that don’t need much watering or looking after.

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4. Allow natural light

We all know how important Vitamin D is for keeping us healthy, both physically and mentally. Try to add as much natural light into your home as possible. Open the curtains, lift up the blinds and maybe even introduce reflective surfaces into your home. A naturally lit room boosts productivity, lifts your mood and creates an overall relaxing atmosphere that lightbulbs just don’t do in quite the same way. 

5. Light a candle

Candles are one of the easiest ways to add a new fragrance into your home. Certain scents may remind you of a happy memory or somewhere you felt relaxed – why not have this scent in your home whenever you like? There are so many candle fragrances available that you will be able to find something you love to light as soon as you get home. Even unscented candles can add a warm, relaxing glow to a room where you want to relax after a long stressful day. 

6. Create a wellness space

Over the past year, our homes have now transformed into our offices, schools and safe havens where we have been spending much more time than usual. If you are struggling to gain that work-life balance that is so important for your wellbeing, try to create a clear wellness space in your home where you can go and spend time in just for relaxation. Whether that is a little reading corner, a nice relaxing bath or just a chair in your conservatory to sit in while you enjoy a cup of tea, these are all valid spaces to improve your wellness. 

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a developing psychic medium and healer. She has a keen interest in spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. Rachel also works freelance as a copywriter and social media manager. She is passionate about animals and runs an animal website,

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