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The Secret To Handling Change & Uncertainty!

A few years ago, I stepped out of my 20-year corporate career in leadership with so much uncertainty. On the one hand, I felt free, and on the other, there was a part of me that was scared, not knowing if I could pull off what I felt my heart was calling me to do – to serve others at a higher level by creating a coaching and consulting business. 

Ultimately it paid off; after a few tweaks and failures or what I prefer to call feedback. 

If I had allowed the fear of the unknown to control me and leaned towards the safety of staying what was a ‘secure’ thing, I would have never branched out to do what makes my soul smile and gives me so much satisfaction. Even going through painful moments and experiencing the frustration of not seeing results right away was worth stepping out to do something uncertain.

Life always rewards courage. 

The biggest problem that most people grapple with when it comes to change is dealing with uncertainty. There is no certainty about what will happen during a time of change and transition.

You will often notice that many people will either try to control events, other people or they shut down. Shutting down can often be confused with letting go of something or someone when it comes to dealing with uncertainty. Letting go can be a crucial step when it releases our need for control, but shutting down is a different story. 

Sure, it’s easy to adopt a “whatever happens – will happen” attitude when turbulence comes your way—I’ve been there! However, it’s the path of least resistance to look the other way, step back and watch as the situations unfold and take their own course. While that kind of certainty requires less effort, it also disempowers you and me and hinders us from taking control over our own life.

The secret to handling change and uncertainty is to put your focus on progress. Nothing has to be perfect. Just do your best! The more you move forward despite any fear that shows up, the more confidence you will build and whatever is making you feel uneasy will fade away. It will ultimately move you towards living in certainty instead of seeking it.

There is no need to seek what is already within you. 

Shine big beautiful one! 

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This article originally published here at the Astonishing Tales digital magazine.

Francine Favret
An Executive Coach and Certified Speaker, I guide professionals to having really great relationships so they can flourish both personally and professionally.

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