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The Positive Power of Photography

One of the great appeals of photography as a hobby is its versatility in regards to creativity and self-expression. With its endless possibilities and an infinite range of subjects from landscape to portrait to nature or even macro photography, no matter what subject interests you, you can explore it through the lens.

As a creative hobby, photography is popular and a treasured pastime all over the world and is relaxing, inspiring and fulfilling. With constant improvements in technology, it is also more accessible than ever before.

So what are the positive benefits and how can you use photography as a tool to express yourself and boost your wellbeing? Read on to learn more.

Create memories

One of the major appeals of photography is being able to use our camera or even our phones to document our lives and create lasting memories for us to treasure, thanks to the ability to create fantastic images anytime, anywhere and in all seasons. It can even be used as a visual form of journaling. If you want to work on your personal development, then it offers an excellent opportunity to develop your skills by constantly working on something.

If you are not sure where your interest lies, be sure to experiment in genre photography  – a few suggestions to start would be landscape, macro, street photography. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as this will aide to develop your skills and will also increase your confidence.

I have been a practising photographer for sixteen years however my main area of interest during the lockdown has been returning to nature and landscape photography work.

Relax and unwind

Photography can be a great tool to help you relax and unwind. Personally, I enjoy doing photography while walking and take landscape and nature macros to help me connect with nature while also getting some much needed fresh air. Seeing the world through a lens can help us gain a fresh perspective. It can also allow us to escape the everyday and detach ourselves from our thoughts, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also a great way to practise mindfulness.

If you are not keen on spending time alone, photography is also a hobby that can be enjoyed with friends, which boosts us socially and creatively as it allows us to be present and frees us from other distractions as we focus on our creativity.  It is an ideal way to reset our brain while enjoying the company of others.

Challenge yourself

One of the things that I love so much about photography is that I am always learning and discovering new things which is a boost in regards to creative and skill development and the hobby can be extremely rewarding. It can present many challenges, depending on the genre of photography. Macro photography, in particular, fascinates me as the perspective changes and allows you to see the beauty in smaller details that might usually not be shown.

Be part of a community

Photography enjoys a huge and diverse community, from international social media groups to local meetups for amateur and professional photographers. If you are new to the hobby it may be helpful to join a group,  whether it is in person, online or a combination of both.

This will provide support and help to build confidence and will help in aiding you sharing work, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Get outdoors

As someone who works a lot on screens, photography definitely encourages me to get out more and motivates me. As a regular hobby, the constant search for new locations ensures I get plenty of time outside, while fuelling my creativity and motivation.

Lifelong learning

As previously mentioned I am always on a learning journey with photography. There are always new things to learn, whether it’s new skills and techniques for shooting or editing.

One of the wonderful things about photography as a hobby is that there is always something new to try, making it an incredibly fun journey which keeps you motivated. It is great for inspiring lifelong learning in other areas of your life too.

Transferable skills

Photography definitely helps develop transferable skills that can help in other areas of life. Due to its sheer versatility, it can help you to become more open-minded and creative,while it can also help to improve your communication skills as you become more engaged with other photographers. Photography also helps you to see things from a different perspective which can aid in problem-solving.

We would love to see images that you have all created from experimenting with this hobby. Feel free to share them here or on our social media channels.

Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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