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The Importance of Evolving

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“Just think about it. If you think or live the exact same way you did more than 15 years ago, then it means you haven’t grown, or changed for the better.” – Written By Kyle Jackson, and first published here on The Astonishing Tales Digital Magazine on April 3rd 2018

It’s funny how an idea pops in your head late at night.

I was editing an article written by Leigha Menefee, when a song played on my iTunes that I haven’t heard in years. It’s a song called “Goodnight Elizabeth” by Counting Crows. I love this song. Or more so, a song I used to love perhaps? Who can say for certain? Personally, I love The Counting Crows as an artist and band. I truly do. I loved them enough to see them perform at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and follow them to the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN.

And their music, their songs, are etched in my mind, and attached to many memories of my collegiate days… and my days when I was married and in some particular relationships. So their music means something to me.

Or I guess it used to.

The song “Goodnight Elizabeth” played on my iTunes and as it played, I just thought to myself, “this is a really great song, but why am I just not into it right now?”

We’re not supposed to be the same person we were last year or ten years ago. Life is about learning and growing… right? I quickly pressed the forward button on my iPhone and skipped to the next selection and kept jamming out as I wrote and edited. What happened next was an epiphany.

My hands stopped clicking at the keyboard of my laptop, and I reached for my bourbon and thought for a second. I thought about the song and realized the song was still beautiful. It was still melodic, haunting, and dream-like.The song had not changed.

I had changed.

I realized that I’m not exactly the same as I used to be. So much so that a song that I used to sing in bars in New Orleans while drinking cheap domestic beer was no longer appealing to me.

While I still love the song, I had outgrown it, and its meaning for me.

So I raise the question to you, my astonishing reader. Have you had this experience before? Where something makes you realize you’re not the person you used to be? That you’ve changed, evolved and grown for the better?

I gotta tell ya, I’m glad I skipped past that song, because I don’t wanna be the exact same person I was 10 to 20 years ago. It means I haven’t evolved.

Just think about it. If you think or live the exact same way you did more than 15 years ago, then it means you haven’t grown, or changed for the better. It means you’re exactly the same as you used to be.Let me quantify that for you.

Ever been to your high school reunion and you see the same girl from the small town who slept with most of the football team and you find out she’s been divorced twice and is still skipping from men? Pretty quickly everybody realizes she’s exactly the same as she used to be.

Same goes for the guy who was popping LSD all the time during English class and always told rude jokes in high school and you find out at that reunion that he’s still doing the same damn thing. Yeah. He’s exactly the same as he used to be.

What hasn’t changed is my sense of style… suit and tie all the way… Is that a good thing? After all those years, those people haven’t jettisoned a certain taste, culture, way of life or behaviour?

I think we all know the answer to that one. Nobody wants to be around the same person doing the same shit over and over again and calling it a life. Or the same person listening to the same song they heard in 1996 and reminiscing as if the memories connected to that song are as real as they were when they first happened.

Don’t be the same person you’ve always been.

Find a different tune. Grow. Change. Evolve. If you’re still doing the same stuff you did in high school or 15 years ago, then please, do society a favor…. and try something different.

It might be astonishing.


Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson is the Founder, Publisher and current Executive Editor (until I hire someone else to do this damn job) of The Astonishing Tales digital magazine and has 15 lackluster and regrettable years experience as a writer, journalist, editor, brand ambassador, public relations and marketing specialist. Jackson is a native New Orleanian, hard-charging journalist, jet-setter and adventurer who is trying to eat healthier and smoke less cigarettes. In his spare time he enjoys exercise, writing, buying suits and ties, traveling and writing barely humorous About Me sections in the third person.

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