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The Chakras Explained: Heart Chakra

Position: In the centre of the chest
Colour: Green (or sometimes pink)
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus

Purpose of the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is represented symbolically by a lotus flower made up of 12 petals, containing two intersecting circles that make up a six-pointed star. The heart chakra is responsible for balancing the love of others and ourselves. As it is the middle chakra, it plays a really important role in keeping the lower and higher chakras working in harmony. It is driven by the key principles of transformation and integration. 

The heart chakra is associated with the following behavioural and psychological characteristics:

  • Capacity to love
  • Ability to experience deep and meaningful relationships with others
  • Transcending personal identity and limitations of the ego
  • Appreciation of beauty in all things

Symptoms of an Imbalanced Heart Chakra

A chakra can become blocked for a wide variety of reasons including illness, stress, emotional trauma and overuse of other energy centres in your chakra system. If your heart chakra has been imbalanced for a prolonged amount of time, the problem can manifest itself through physical ailments such as; respiratory illnesses, lung infections and heart-related issues.   

Other symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra include:

  • Being overly defensive
  • Feeling closed off emotionally from others
  • Feeling jealous
  • Fear of intimacy 
  • Relying on approval and attention from others
  • Not being able to forgive
  • Feeling alone, isolated or anti-social

Ways to Rebalance Your Heart Chakra

If you have any of the above symptoms, and your crown chakra has become unbalanced (either overactive or underactive) it is important for your overall health and wellbeing to try and rebalance it. Below are a list of crystals, aromatherapy scents, yoga poses and affirmations that you can introduce into your life. If you feel these haven’t quite worked, get in touch with a healer who will be able to realign your chakras using treatments such as reiki.

Crystals: Peridot, Pink Topaz, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine.

Aromatherapy: Rose, Melissa, Neroli.

Yoga Pose: Active – Cobra, Passive – Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

Daily Affirmations: 

“I send love to everyone I know, all hearts are open to receive my love.”

“I accept that pain is an essential part of my growth and development.”

“The love I feel for myself and others is unconditional.”

“I am grateful for all the love that is in my life.”

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a developing psychic medium and healer. She has a keen interest in spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. Rachel also works freelance as a copywriter and social media manager. She is passionate about animals and runs an animal website,

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