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The Business of Fitness: How to Motivate Your Clients

They say motivation makes for 90% of every success, while only 10% goes to the actual effort you’ll put into reaching your goal. That’s why one of your jobs as a personal trainer is precisely to find the best ways to motivate your clients on their path to a fit body. If you’re fresh out of new ideas, check out the following tips and your clients will love working out with you.

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Understand their motivation

In order to be able to motivate someone to do their best at the gym, you need to know the reason why they want to start exercising. Their internal motivation is the reason they turned to you for help, and you should be aware of that reason, so that you can always remind them of that if the things ever become rocky in the process. You should also create a workout routine that will fit in with their ultimate motivation, be it to get fit, shed a few pounds before their wedding, or train for an upcoming marathon.

Use fitness management software

In a sea of available online tools that are designed precisely to motivate people, find the one that best suits you and that your clients will find appealing, and use them to motivate the clients. With personal coaching software, you’ll be able to create training and nutrition plans, and make them available to your client’s smartphone. Moreover, fitness software can collect client feedback, which allows personal trainers to react in a timely manner, and customize the fitness programme to make it highly motivating for clients.

Make workouts invigorating

They say no pain, no gain, but you should still try to make the workouts enjoyable, regardless of the soreness they’ll be giving your clients. A miserable exercise won’t make the clients look forward to their next workout, so make the most out of the high-quality gym equipment that your clients work out on. Only with varied and invigorating exercises will your clients be able to get the maximum results, and come back to the gym with a smile on their face. Furthermore, after six weeks of doing the same workout routine, the body is believed to hit a plateau, which is another reason for you to introduce frequent changes into the fitness programme.

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Stay positive

The mood of your clients will depend a lot on your mood. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re always positive and ready to push your clients towards reaching their goals. While you may not always be up for smiles and positive reinforcement, you need to try your best to put the bad stuff in your life on the shelf while you’re at work, and try hard to bring your best to work every time. You may have relationship problems, or you’re hurting or just not feeling like putting on a brave face. However, you need to remember that a part of your job description is to keep your clients motivated, and one of the best ways to do it is to always feed them positivity.

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Being someone’s personal trainer also includes offering them emotional support from time to time. While you’re not expected to be their best friend, you should still try to be there for your clients whenever they need someone to talk about their progress or the lack of motivation they’re experiencing. It’s vital that your clients feel comfortable around you and trust you, so that you can always be there for them and remind them why their training is so important to them. You can also consider giving them your phone number, so that you can send them occasional inspirational and motivational quotes to boost their morale.

Remind them of where they started

It’s not uncommon for people to forget why they started their fitness journey in the first place. Strenuous workouts and constant weight monitoring can rock their self-esteem and the will to move on, so it’s paramount that you remind them from time to time why the training is so important for them. Maybe they’ve put on a few pounds, or they can’t seem to do as many reps this week as they were able to do the previous times, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not progressing. This is the time when you can show them the picture from their first workout session, and remind them of how much progress they’ve actually made so far. This will help them appreciate all the hard work they’ve done, and hopefully it’ll motivate them to do even better the next time they come to the gym.

Final thoughts

Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge, so you should do your best to always keep your clients on the right track with your positive reinforcement. It’s not always easy for a personal trainer to push the clients towards their final goal, but if you reflect on the previously mentioned tips from time to time, you’ll have no trouble motivating your clients in the future.


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