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The Brilliance of Bookbinding

Bookbinding is a craft that has been practised for many thousands of years. Despite being largely replaced by modern technology, interest and appreciation for the skill as a hobby has lasted into the present day. It is an engaging craft that requires dexterity and offers many physical, mental health and creative benefits. Read on to discover more.

Creative freedom

Bookbinding allows you to fully express and utilize your creative freedom and skills, making it a wonderful outlet for self-expression and practical application of your artistic abilities. Using your skills to create a tangible, physical item that you can keep can help you to really connect to your creative power. With so many creative choices such as the type of paper, materials and design, there are endless opportunities to create something that truly expresses your inner self.

Easy to begin

Bookbinding is not a difficult skill to learn and simple but beautiful results are possible even with a little amount of practise. After a few lessons with a tutor or by following Youtube tutorials, you will quickly be able to pick up the skills required to successfully book bind.

Bookbinding does not require the use of specialist materials, tools or knowledge either – it is possible to get incredible results using familiar materials and techniques, so anybody can get started with what’s to hand.

Endless possibilities

Bookbinding offers infinite creative possibilities –  there really is no limit to what can be achieved. There are always new things to try – new materials, new techniques and new ideas to experiment with. It’s no surprise that the hobby has lasted for thousands of years and provides a treasure trove of ideas for hobbyists, artists and professionals alike.

There is even a competitive market for the hobby, where bookbinders can compete against each other. The possibilities to expand, grow and add to your skillset are truly endless.

Easy going

One of the positive benefits of this hobby is that it does not require a huge time commitment. Depending on the stage of the process, you will need between thirty minutes and up to two hours before you can take a break and this means that other things can be done during the creative process.

If need be, you can have an extended break from a project as long as you put your project in the press or under the weight  – even if the book is calling for you to bind it, it can give you time so that you can be more creative and explore new ideas and tangents before you continue.

Story telling

Two thousand years ago, the wise realized that it was not always practical to carry texts that were translated onto clay tablets and that this needed to be improved for ease of transporting this knowledge in an easier format. So people developed new techniques which led to parchment paper being used to document treaties. We still tell these ancient stories in every culture all over the world and ancient writings have influenced us and our modern world, shaping the present day with their legacy.

Over time new forms of books were developed, adapted to the culture and techniques of the time, and this continued into recent times where we were able to preserve information digitally. Even as the digital world continues to evolve at an incredible pace, binding books allows us become part of the story.

Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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