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Ten Benefits Of Painting

Painting is a past time that has had a long, rich history and remains a popular and enjoyable hobby worldwide, enjoyed universally by people of all ages and abilities. As well as being a popular medium of creative self-expression, painting also has many positive health and wellness benefits. Read on to find out more.

1. Improve your concentration

Painting helps to improve your focus and concentration as you create anew and improve and work on what you have already painted. By focusing on this, you can also use these focus skills in other areas of your life such as work or education, where it is essential for focus skills to be fostered for successful learning. Fine art techniques that are taught can be translated into these areas very effectively.

2. Improve motor skills

Another benefit of painting is that the more that you practise painting – no matter what it is – you are able to hone your hand eye co-ordination and improve our motor skills. As well as improving general functionality and dexterity, this can also be useful in skills areas such as handwriting or even typing. It can also benefit you in physical pursuits such as sports.

3. Relax

Painting is a wonderful hobby for relaxation as it allows you to focus on the images that you are creating. Having a fixed focus helps to ease stress and actually helps improve your physical wellbeing, as relaxation can ease sore muscles, joint pain, headaches and symptoms of many other physical ailments. It can also have a meditative effect which is great for calming the mind.

4. Expand your knowledge

Learning new techniques and styles through painting can help you to appreciate visual language. The study of painting is also a great way to expand your knowledge of other cultures. Gaining knowledge of popular art, historical pieces and trivia that can be shared with others can also helps you to socialise and connect in various cultures. Developing your ability to relate to others and therefore your ability to socialise can help to make you happier and boost your wellbeing.

5. Boost your creativity

Abstract, minimalist, photorealism – no matter what the style, painting is a form of artistic expression. Abstract art allows the artist to create non-traditional pieces that are often emotionally expressive, while a more realistic painting style can encourage you to think of ways to make a still life image come to life. Painting also teaches you how to be innovative with creativity and to produce something that is unique.

6. Develop your non-verbal communication skills

Painting allows you to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions that you may struggle with expressing verbally. Using pictures that you have created to express yourself and what you are experiencing, particularly personal difficulties, can allow you to express your emotions in a healthy, constructive way.

7. Develop critical thinking skills

The decision making process that painting demands such as what brush or technique to use may seem like simply artistic choices that are a matter of preference or practicality. However, these types of decisions can actually help you to develop your problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as teaching you to adapt. This in turn can help to reduce stress and promote more efficient thinking.

8. Build perserverance

Even the most creative ideas can turn out incorrectly if poorly executed. The trial and error journey of painting can teach you patience and determination, making you better able to adapt and giving you the confidence of knowing that through hard work and perseverance, things are achieveable.

9. Improve your confidence

Painting is wonderful for your self esteem as you watch your hard work yield better results with practice. Becoming proficient in a new skill, seeing your progress and receiving positive feedback from friends and family can dramatically increase your sense of confidence.

10. Be positive

Creating art can teach you how to appreciate and be more attuned to the world around you, encouraging you, as an artist, to observe that which you may not otherwise notice. Seeking inspiration from the world around you can teach you how to see things in a more positive light, which can help us with perspective, improving your mood and helping your wellbeing.

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Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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