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The Chakras Explained: Root Chakra

Position: Base of spine Colour: Red Element: Earth Ruling Planet: Saturn Purpose of the Root Chakra The root chakra is the energy centre responsible for keeping you centered and grounded. It is situated between the base of the spine and the pubic area and is associated with the colour red. The symbol of the root

An introduction to cutting

Following my previous article on bulking, here in this article I discuss the other side - ‘cutting/shredding’ weight.  The objective of cutting weight is to decrease the percentage of body fat, while trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet. This is done by consuming fewer calories and ensuring that calorie expenditure

The Amazing Benefits of Archery

Almost everybody has encountered archery, although far fewer have ever tried their hand at it. It is a popular sport and hobby that enjoys its status as an Olympic sport and is frequently seen on television. It is also one of the oldest forms of defence and hunting and envokes

9 Steps To Getting Quality Sleep

We all know that we should be aiming to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. The benefits of getting plenty of sleep have been proven time and time again and include boosting your immune system, allowing the body time to repair itself, preventing weight gain, improving overall

The positive power of puzzles

One of the pleasures of puzzles is the sheer scale and variety that can be enjoyed making them a leisurely hobby that can be used to pass time that also has benefits to our physical and mental health. No matter what type of puzzle there are many advantages to this