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The power of poetry – breaking through barriers and embracing opportunities

In celebration of World Poetry Day 2021, J.Allan Longshadow speaks to poet and spoken word performer Lara Edwards to discover how her love of poetry has helped her overcome anxiety, conquer fear and open up incredible new opportunities. J.Allan Longshadow: Lara, thank you for joining me, It’s a real privilege to

What is Reiki?

I completed my Level 1 Reiki attunement towards the end of last year, and since then it has completed transformed my life and the way I see the world. The fact that I have the ability to heal both myself and others simply from the touch of my hands still

Three ways to live in Peace not Fear

We live in a world of fear. Disease, death, racism and violence are just a few of the topics dominating headlines around the world right now. Sadly, it feels like they always have and always will. It’s no wonder new research indicates that the majority of the population has a