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In conversation – the Invisible Side of Hope

J.Allan Longshadow, Editor of Magazine and a Presenter on Wrexham's Calon FM talks to Madalina Tanase and Lena Shaqareq about an incredible project they are about to embark on to explore the authentic life of the slums and favelas of the world, reveal the positives that are happening in

How Your Mindset affects Your Motivation

Mindset is arguably one of the key aspects of how we live our life. Our mindset can control how we approach every situation, our emotions towards it, and most importantly, how to act after it, to deal with the outcome, whether desirable or not. The power to adapt Mindset is closely linked

Why Motivation Must Start with You

There are many things that can be motivating in this day and age.  They can range from money to fame.  Social media success. A thriving business. Relationship goals. Fitness goals. Satisfaction... There are literally limitless ways to be motivated. They can come from a million different places.  But the most important

The Power of Failure

How many times have you tried your best, failed, tried again and failed once again? Only to have it repeated over and over again! Giving your all and then failing repeatedly can make you give up hope. There are small failures and failures which can shake your world. Failures are

The 5 ways to wellbeing

Wellbeing is simply the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy in your mind. We should all be taking care of our wellbeing and putting time aside each day to make sure you are looking after yourself. Modern life often sees us rushing around with very busy schedules, looking after