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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something that is very underrated in the modern world. I, myself, fall victim to lack of sleep the majority of the time. The importance of sleep may seem minor to some, but it is an integral part of growth within the body and also a very important factor

4 life lessons that my dog has taught me

We have always had dogs in my family - in fact, it’s hard for me to remember a time when there wasn’t a dog living in our family home. I was born into a home where we were all big animal lovers, especially dogs and that love has stayed with

The wonders of walking

Walking is a hobby that is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels and as a hobby, it is not just pleasant and rewarding, but also offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. These can include helping to prevent disease and prolonging our life span  - and it requires

5 Benefits of Adult Colouring

Colouring books for adults have become somewhat of a phenomenon over recent years. You can’t walk into any book shop without seeing a whole spectrum of different colouring books to encourage you to get your creativity flowing. From mandalas to animals, scenic landscapes to Harry Potter themed, there is definitely

The Pleasure of Pottery

Pottery has been practised for thousands of years, giving it a rich history all over the world that has been passed from generation to generation. These ancient, artisan skills are having a popular resurgence in the present day, and offer many rewards for those who work with ceramics. There are

How to combat loneliness when self-employed

During the pandemic, many of us have felt lonely or isolated at some point. However, if you are self-employed or freelance, it may not have just been during the past year that you have felt this way. In fact, in reality many self-employed individuals have been feeling lonely whilst working

10 Benefits of Classical Music

Classical music may not be something that you currently have on your playlist - but maybe it’s time to add some. Classical music can benefit you in a variety of ways, from pain management to improving the quality of your sleep, while listening to it in the background can boost