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The Chakras Explained: Third Eye Chakra

Position: In between and slightly above the eyebrows Colour: Indigo Element: Light, Telepathic energy Ruling planet: Jupiter Purpose of the Third Eye Chakra The Third Eye chakra is symbolised with a lotus flower with two large petals on either side, which traditionally symbolise eyes. It is situated just above and in between your eyebrows and

5 crystals to help you sleep better

Sleep enables our bodies to function. We need sleep (and plenty of it) to be able to have a healthy body, both physically and mentally. The Sleep Foundation recommends adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. If you aren’t managing this, you could be suffering from

The Chakras Explained: Crown Chakra

Position: Just above the top of the head Colour: Violet Element: Thought, cosmic energy Ruling planet: Uranus Purpose of the Crown Chakra The crown chakra is the highest of the seven chakras and is often referred to as the ‘thousand petal lotus’ due to the symbol that is associated with. The crown chakra is responsible

How do the moon cycles affect our body & mind?

For centuries, the moon has played an important part of our daily lives on Earth. It controls the tides through its magnetic pull, the calendar was based on the moon (or lunar) cycle and in fact, affects us as humans more than most of us realise.  The theory about what powers

A beginner’s guide to auras

Every living thing has an aura. It is the spiritual energy field that surrounds a living thing, and is where psychic readers focus on when giving you a reading. Your aura gives off a true representation of you and what is going on in your life - past, present and

The Chakras Explained: Heart Chakra

Position: In the centre of the chestColour: Green (or sometimes pink)Element: AirRuling planet: Venus Purpose of the Heart Chakra The heart chakra is represented symbolically by a lotus flower made up of 12 petals, containing two intersecting circles that make up a six-pointed star. The heart chakra is responsible for balancing the

A beginner’s guide to crystals

Crystals are becoming a trending topic of conversation recently, with more and more market stalls and shops popping up selling a whole range of crystals. Recent years have seen an upward spike in the amount of holistic and spiritual interest people have, and crystals are a nice step into the

The Chakras Explained: Root Chakra

Position: Base of spine Colour: Red Element: Earth Ruling Planet: Saturn Purpose of the Root Chakra The root chakra is the energy centre responsible for keeping you centered and grounded. It is situated between the base of the spine and the pubic area and is associated with the colour red. The symbol of the root