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The Pleasure of Pottery

Pottery has been practised for thousands of years, giving it a rich history all over the world that has been passed from generation to generation. These ancient, artisan skills are having a popular resurgence in the present day, and offer many rewards for those who work with ceramics. There are

10 Benefits of Classical Music

Classical music may not be something that you currently have on your playlist - but maybe it’s time to add some. Classical music can benefit you in a variety of ways, from pain management to improving the quality of your sleep, while listening to it in the background can boost

Ten Benefits Of Painting

Painting is a past time that has had a long, rich history and remains a popular and enjoyable hobby worldwide, enjoyed universally by people of all ages and abilities. As well as being a popular medium of creative self-expression, painting also has many positive health and wellness benefits. Read on

Ten Benefits Of Dance

One of the wonderful things about dance as a hobby is that apart from being great fun, it has numerous positive health benefits. It can be enjoyed by people all over the world of all ages and abilities and can be universally appreciated and enjoyed by all who participate in

The Creative Benefits Of Crochet

Despite common misconceptions, crochet is a craft that appeals to people of all ages. It has been practised for many years throughout the generations and offers numerous positive health benefits as well as its endless creative possibilities. Perhaps counter-intuitively, the hobby is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to

11 reasons to start singing

Singing is a pastime that brings joy and positivity all over the world. It also has a brilliant multitude of positive health benefits for people of all ages, not to mention the positivity that that comes with singing the enjoyment of music. Read on to discover how singing can help

10 benefits of writing

Writing is one of the most important methods of communication we use. Developing and improving your writing skills helps to communicate better, something that has tremendous benefits in many areas of life. As a hobby, writing can be practised in a variety of different forms and offers a variety of

The Glory of Geocaching

Geocaching is a relatively new and engaging pastime and has numerous physical, social and mental benefits. It is an enjoyable challenge that is great for those wishing to improve their wellbeing and spend more time outdoors. It encourages participants to engage with the natural and manmade environment in a new