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10 wellbeing benefits of playing chess

Chess is a versatile hobby that teaches us a variety of skills that can be translated into our everyday lives in various areas. With origins that date back to the 15th century, it is a hobby that is played all over the world and can be enjoyed by those of

The Glory of Geocaching

Geocaching is a relatively new and engaging pastime and has numerous physical, social and mental benefits. It is an enjoyable challenge that is great for those wishing to improve their wellbeing and spend more time outdoors. It encourages participants to engage with the natural and manmade environment in a new

The beauty and benefits of birdwatching

Birdwatching is a hobby and has been steading increasing in popularity all over the world. It requires absolutely nothing to get started and is an environmentally friendly pastime that promotes engagement with and appreciation of nature. You may also be surprised by the numerous health benefits that birdwatching has to offer Bird

The Creativity of Calligraphy

The hobby of calligraphy is that it has numerous positive benefits and endless creative possibilities, that can be explored and enjoyed. As well as the pleasure of developing a new skill, it allows us to indulge in a creative practise that can boost our wellbeing, promoting calm and tranquillity and

The benefits of viewing art

In my previous article, I explored some of the many benefits of practising art regularly as a hobby. This is article continues the topic, but instead focuses on the benefits of viewing art. Allowing art to be part of your life has many physical and mental health benefits and can have


One of the joys of scrapbooking is that it is one hobby that actually combines multiple hobbies and there are many different elements to a scrapbook, which makes it a beneficial creative pastime that allows you to build a variety of skills. It is an enjoyable and popular activity for people

The positive power of puzzles

One of the pleasures of puzzles is the sheer scale and variety that can be enjoyed making them a leisurely hobby that can be used to pass time that also has benefits to our physical and mental health. No matter what type of puzzle there are many advantages to this