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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something that is very underrated in the modern world. I, myself, fall victim to lack of sleep the majority of the time. The importance of sleep may seem minor to some, but it is an integral part of growth within the body and also a very important factor


Tai Chi has been practised all over the world for many years, both as a serious martial art or health practice, as well as a hobby. It is easy to enjoy and can be practised anywhere, and is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels while offering numerous

An Introduction to Yoga

The 21st of June marks International Yoga Day, recognised by the United Nations by their proclamation of 11 December 2014. Originating in India, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that is truly transformative, and the motto for this year’s celebration is “Yoga for Wellness”, a theme befitting for

When is the right time to eat?

Is timing of meals an important factor? Should you eat directly after exercise? What happens if we eat straight before bed - will eating too late cause weight gain? Choosing the right time to eat has been a topic of discussion for quite a while, with much debate on whether

A Beginner’s Guide to the Chakra System

The human body has seven main energy centres and these are known as chakras. They are fundamental in the development of spiritual and holistic healing and therapy, as well as your overall wellbeing. Their main job is to keep the body, mind and soul stable and well-balanced which prevents illness,

Exercise Splits – Bro Split V Push Pull Legs

As a personal trainer, something that I think about a lot of the time is which training split is best? Which one will affect your body the most? Which one will help to increase muscle mass, or to shred fat, and get you the results that you are after? The truth