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An introduction to cutting

Following my previous article on bulking, here in this article I discuss the other side - ‘cutting/shredding’ weight.  The objective of cutting weight is to decrease the percentage of body fat, while trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet. This is done by consuming fewer calories and ensuring that calorie expenditure

An introduction to bulking

When it comes to physical fitness, bulking is always an interesting topic - and many people struggle to understand how to do it efficiently and how it can impact the mind. This article, following on from a recent discussion on diet, will explain more. What is bulking? In the context of exercise,

9 Benefits of Swimming for Health and Wellbeing

Whether you do it for fitness or purely as a hobby, swimming is a gentle form of exercise that offers many positive physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Read on to discover more. 1. Workout without the impact One of the physical benefits of swimming is that it

How do sports supplements impact the body?

In the simplest sense, a supplement is something added to something else in order to complete or enhance it. In the context of sport and fitness, supplements can be used to enhance bodily functions and aid growth within the body. There is a range of different sports supplements available today,

The Cathartic Power of Running

If you’d have said to me 25 years ago that I would be regularly running 3-4 times a week I’d have been very surprised! My memories of running were having a smoke on the cross country run at school and subsequently finding that running was really difficult for me, when

Why Motivation Must Start with You

There are many things that can be motivating in this day and age.  They can range from money to fame.  Social media success. A thriving business. Relationship goals. Fitness goals. Satisfaction... There are literally limitless ways to be motivated. They can come from a million different places.  But the most important


Tai Chi has been practised all over the world for many years, both as a serious martial art or health practice, as well as a hobby. It is easy to enjoy and can be practised anywhere, and is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels while offering numerous