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Dying to Divorce – In Conversation with Chloe Fairweather

DYING TO DIVORCE is a documentary film that investigates the shocking levels of femicide and domestic violence in Turkey, which continues to resonate worldwide. In Turkey, 1 in 3 Turkish women have experienced domestic violence, which is the highest proportion amongst economically developed countries worldwide. The film was released to coincide

Celebrating Black History Month has joined forces with Town Square, Business Wales and Calon FM to host a very special event in celebration of Black History Month. The event “Black History Wales - Barriers to Funding” takes place at Wrexham Enterprise Hub on Wednesday 20th October and will feature a panel discussion and Q&A

When Will Black Lives Really Matter?

Just a couple of months after talking about the death of George Floyd, J.Allan Longshadow joins Kyle Jackson once again to discuss the issue of police brutality, racism in America and Black Lives Matter, as yet another horrific incident hits the headlines. In this no-holds-barred interview, we look at what it

Racism: Only love can solve this problem

J.Allan Longshadow spoke to Kyle Jackson to find out what life looks like for a black man in America and what needs to change. Here is the next instalment. For the first part, please click here. J.Allan Longshadow: If we talk about America specifically for a moment - I want to talk

Telling it as it is – an interview with Kyle Jackson

Last week, Chief Editor J.Allan Longshadow spoke to Kyle Jackson to discover first-hand the truth of what it looks like to be a black man in America. Before we dig deeper into the all-important matter of Black Lives Matter, let's take a moment to discover a little more about who