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An introduction to bulking

When it comes to physical fitness, bulking is always an interesting topic - and many people struggle to understand how to do it efficiently and how it can impact the mind. This article, following on from a recent discussion on diet, will explain more. What is bulking? In the context of exercise,

How Your Mindset affects Your Motivation

Mindset is arguably one of the key aspects of how we live our life. Our mindset can control how we approach every situation, our emotions towards it, and most importantly, how to act after it, to deal with the outcome, whether desirable or not. The power to adapt Mindset is closely linked

How do sports supplements impact the body?

In the simplest sense, a supplement is something added to something else in order to complete or enhance it. In the context of sport and fitness, supplements can be used to enhance bodily functions and aid growth within the body. There is a range of different sports supplements available today,

When is the right time to eat?

Is timing of meals an important factor? Should you eat directly after exercise? What happens if we eat straight before bed - will eating too late cause weight gain? Choosing the right time to eat has been a topic of discussion for quite a while, with much debate on whether

The link between diet and exercise

As we tentatively step out of what, if I recall correctly, is now lockdown number four (feels more like 104) and with gyms opening, it’s important that you really understand the link between diet and exercise so that you can hit all your body and health goals going forward. Before

How metabolism can influence body weight

Metabolism describes the process of the body expending energy and burning calories. Metabolism relies on the nutrients you consume in order to convert it into energy and the body will use that energy to breathe, circulate blood, repair cells and functions. Metabolism can be fast, slow, or ‘average’ – it depends