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Wellbeing through Woodcraft

Woodworking is a craft that has been enjoyed for centuries and offers endless possibilities, from practical and functional creations to intricate pieces of art - all of which challenge your creativity and promote physical dexterity - making it a great hobby for physical and mental wellbeing. Read on to discover

The Brilliance of Bookbinding

Bookbinding is a craft that has been practised for many thousands of years. Despite being largely replaced by modern technology, interest and appreciation for the skill as a hobby has lasted into the present day. It is an engaging craft that requires dexterity and offers many physical, mental health and

The Creative Benefits Of Crochet

Despite common misconceptions, crochet is a craft that appeals to people of all ages. It has been practised for many years throughout the generations and offers numerous positive health benefits as well as its endless creative possibilities. Perhaps counter-intuitively, the hobby is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to

5 Ideas for Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Fancy creating a festive atmosphere without the plastic? Here are 5 fantastic ideas for Christmas decorations that cost next to nothing - and won't cost the planet either. 1. Orange Pomanders Few things smell as wonderful at Christmas as this easy to make, classic decoration - all that is required is