The magic and wonder of origami

One of the most appealing and enjoyable things about the craft of origami is its reminder of childhood creativity. It is also, however, a hobby that has endless possibilities thanks to its versatility in regards to self-expression, treasured by children and adults in equal measure whether it be making paper

The strength of singing – from performer to princess

In today's interview, I am joined by singer-songwriter, vocal teacher and party production performer Rebecca-Jayne Hulse, a local-based performer. We talk about how her love of music and singing and her positive, can-do attitude has enabled her to use her passion to transform and motivate people through coaching and teaching.

Feeling Sad? It’s OK.

Feeling Sad? It’s OK. Why do we make feeling sad into something wrong? It’s not fun, that’s for sure. Who wants to be sad, after all? Definitely not me! I have things to do, places to go, and none of it involves being sad. But, the feeling of sadness is part