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Motiv8me.Marketing is a professional, full service marketing agency offering a complete range of affordable marketing services specifically for entrepreneurs. As a division of an established, industry leading media brand that is driven by a passion for all things entrepreneur, our experts know exactly what it takes to turn your business into a brand.

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"Marketing is a core part of anything you do."

- Keith Belling

Branding | Motiv8me.Marketing


Whether you are starting out in business or looking to refresh or relaunch your existing brand, we know what it takes to build a powerful brand that stands out and gets the message across. Depending on your specific needs, we can conduct in-depth brand and market analysis to formulate a branding strategy, before coming up with a complete branding package including business names, website domains, logo designs and slogans.

We consider every channel that you intend to use both now and in the future and build your branding with this in mind. With a team of experienced graphic designers to hand, we can supply artwork for all your needs from digital and print media to promotional goods, banners & flags, exhibition stands and more.

Web Design | Motiv8me.Marketing

Web Design

We know how important it is for your business to have a website that works as hard as you do. Our experienced web designers and graphic designers work closely together to design and build unique and eye-catching websites that showcase your brand at its best. We offer both brochure type websites to promote service based companies as well as powerful eCommerce websites for those looking to sell products or services online.

Our copywriting team is also available to ensure that every word counts.

We make sure that your website looks great on every device, from laptops to mobile phones, so that no matter how your customers find your website, you can be sure they have the best possible experience.

Our websites are designed to be easy to use and fully manageable, so that you can keep key content on your site such as blogs, information, news and promotions live and up to date wherever and whenever it suits you with an absolute minimum of effort.

In addition the website itself, we also offer a range of competitively priced, essential related services including domain name registration and optimised, managed hosting.

SEO Services | Motiv8me.Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation SEO

There is much more to being successful online than just having a great website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques make sure that your site is highly ranked in search engines such as Google and Bing, ensuring that your business is found by the right people at the right time.

Although quality, relevant content plays a huge part in today’s search engine algorithms, there are many other technical factors that contribute to ensuring that your page is listed prominently in search results so that new clients can find your business.

Working with a team of experts, we look after all the behind the scenes aspects of SEO on both new and existing coaching websites to make sure that your webite always performs as well as possible.

Social Media | Motiv8me.Marketing

Social Media

In today’s world, social media is often where brands are truly born. But in a noisy and crowded space, it takes expertise to make sure your voice gets heard – and this is one of the single biggest challenges facing businesses today.

We help you by developing and delivering a social media marketing strategy to build your reach and engagement with the audiences that matter to you and boost the credibility of your brand.

Our strategies can be optimised for different needs, for example brand awareness, conversions, client aquisition, etc. We believe in taking a dynamic approach to social media marketing that has the flexibility to adapt and evolve  with the changing needs and objectives of your business.

We are also able to create channel specific, branded content and manage social media marketing campaigns.

Content Creation | Motiv8me.Marketing

Content Creation

As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable and is often best spent in the hands on role of running your business. With our content creation service, you can do more of what matters most by letting us take care of your content.

From unique and effective content for social media to video marketing and specialist blog writing, we cover ever possible area of content creation and can help you to maintain a consistent image and voice online with regularly updated, high quality content.

We have access to a highly skilled and experienced creative team with specialists in film, photography, graphic design, copywriting and more. We are also able to cover photography and filming of live events as well as location or studio shoots, and produce optimised images and footage for use on different channels.

Print & Merchandise | Motiv8me.Marketing

Print and Merchandise

We have access to a huge range of partners allowing us to source printing for all your promotional needs – from business cards and stationery to flyers, leaflets and brochures. We are able to provide a complete design-to-print service covering every step of the process from conception to completion and can handle both large and small runs at competitive prices.

We are also able to source all kinds of branded merchandising and promotional materials for both indoor and outdoor use – from banners and flags to gifts and wearables right through to complete exhibition stands or even outdoor inflatables such as those typically seen at sporting events.

Whether you are looking for day to day marketing materials or something extra special for a one off occasion, no matter how unusual your idea may be, we’ll find a way to turn it into reality to make your brand stand out.

What Our Customers Say

"At Fastsms, content really is king. It helps form the foundation on which our multi-channel marketing strategy is built, which means it's crucial that it's done right. When we first approached Allan 12 months ago it was with a view to replacing an outgoing blogging resource. Thanks to Allan, our content strategy has evolved beyond simple blogging to include more varied content types, including stunning infographics. Aligning with our SEO strategy, Allan consistently delivers well-worked, original pieces of content that not only rank well but also educate, inform and convert visitors to our website, establishing Fastsms as a thought leader in the industry. Allan has become a vital part of our marketing team, and I would not hesitate to recommend his content services to anyone looking to add that all-important voice and personality to their brand."

- Oliver Burt, Marketing Director, Fastsms Ltd



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