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How Running a Marathon Inspired My Side Hustle

In this edition of Startup Stories, J.Allan Longshadow celebrates London Marathon weekend with the story of Deanna Herrington and her business venture D3 Charms, a side hustle that was inspired by her passion for marathon running.

Deanna Herrington | MagazineDeanna, tell us a little bit about your business: I started up D3Charms January of 2018 as my new side-hustle, new business.  Web-site is and I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Where are you from? I am from Pennington NJ and NJ native, born and grew up and still live in NJ.
What inspired you to start your business? My business idea came from when I ran my last marathon (Marine Corps) in 2018 and stumbled across Sneaker Charms, loved them and thought they could be marketed better, bigger and become a trend if marketed correctly.



That sounds fascinating – tell us more about how you got to where you are today: I ran my first marathon in 2013 – the New Jersey Marathon in my hometown. Then in October of 2017, I ran my third Marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon. It is there that I came across Sneaker Charms and decided that they were a great addition to my shoes and to add to one’s “Power of Attraction”(Charm). I’ve always loved sports and have been running since high school, coupled also with a love of dance and yoga. 
I also love jewelry and glam. Having worked in Jewelry in my twenties, doing sales for Best and Macy’s, I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated jewelry and the uniqueness of these charms really “sang” to me…which brings me to my third passion which is Music (Chime). I enjoy working out (Churn) to EDM Music and now want to share my love of fun sneaker charms, sports, and music with young ambitious girls and women who share the same passions in life. And in case you didn’t realize three is a charm for me. I really enjoy offering my 3’s a Charm! So, if I might make a recommendation – buy YOUR special charm today for the love of your life, a friend or for yourself!
In addition to 2017 being the year that I found myself appreciating sneaker charms I also found appreciation for Abraham-Hicks and her philosophies on life.  Essentially the teachings of Abraham-Hicks boil down to the “Laws of Attraction” of the Universe – that what we vibrate and give our attention to is what we attract.

Laws of Attraction ties in with D3Charms and the Power of Attraction of a charm which is the meaning of a charm.  The definition of a charm is “an attractive or alluring characteristic”.

When did you first become an entrepreneur? I have been an entrepreneur for years as in 2000 I started my own insurance business up and grew that but then gave that up to raise children.

What excites you most about your current venture? This new business is FAR more exciting and passionate to me as I love fashion, jewelry and fitness.
What is unique about your product? What is unique about this product is that it is unique and you do not see it being worn by women yet younger/athletic women would really grab hold of such a product that can be personalized.
What plans do you have to grow your business? I plan on finding  influential marketers/famous people that I have high regards for, to start this trend.  I am target marketing from my passions – music, athletics and fashion.  So someone like Carry Underwood is a perfect example.  I also plan, once I get some profits coming in, to get the product directly from China and have done myself so that I will not rely on another company which I presently do rely on for this product, but one step at a time.
I am excited with the potential of this fun accessory and to start a trend for women.  My goal is to have a trend started that women enjoy and can use to vocalize what they are passionate about.

J.Allan Longshadow
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