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My name is Adam and I am an alcoholic.”

This project consists of a series of YouTube videos, featuring readings of Daily Reflections – a book of reflections by A.A. members for A.A. members, along with additional commentary by Adam – a sober alcoholic.

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Daily Reflections is a book that is read around the world during meetings, not just for alcoholics but also for gamblers, drug addicts, sex addicts and others who have a problem with addiction and are trying to cure it. In times of a pandemic, when people feel lonely, scared, and see no hope for a better tomorrow, they need this help more than ever, and increasingly seek such help through Internet media, for example in the form of films. Before they start meeting people, they look for help in solitude, in the window of the Internet world. 

Daily Reflections offers universal help for men and women, for each day of the year – 365 days, 365 reflections. 

The short films, in both English and Polish language, form a very good instructor for living in harmony with nature, and finally – with yourself.

Watch Adam’s Latest Video

English version:

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Wersja po Polsku (Polish version):

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My name is Adam and I am an alcoholic – Right Now A.A. Group, Telford.