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A Recipe for Success – 3 Key Ingredients

Recipe for Success | MagazineIt is said that Rome was not built in a day…. and very true it is.

Now, you may well be thinking, what I am trying to say?

Very simply, no one gets anything before its time.

Success is also the same. You cannot get it whenever you expect it. A lot depends on time and luck, but more importantly, it requires some input from yourself.

To become successful, there are some essential ingredients that must be poured into the recipe.

1. Confidence

Without a doubt, confidence is the most important thing you need in order to succeed. You have to always be confident for yourself. Confidence increases smartness, which helps you to be sure about your goal. Just focus on your goal with confidence in yourself, you will achieve it someday. It may take time but you will.

2. Faith

Having faith in oneself helps to grow confidence and smartness. You should always keep faith in yourself and God. God is always there to help us achieve what we want but if you help yourself then only he is also going to put his hands on your head. Have faith in yourself, but also be guided by a belief in something bigger than you.

3. Patience

Now let’s talk about patience.

Trust me, I do not have it at all in me!

It is quite difficult to have patience, and let’s be honest, it is not possible for everyone. But those who have it are likely to achieve all the happiness which is meant for them – eventually.

These three ingredients are very important to achieving success. But they are not enough on their own. These three ingredients need to be poured in the main recipe – hard work.

Yes, hardwork is the one thing which you must be doing to achieve your goal. All of the above qualities must be combined with hard work in order to get results.

So, motivate yourself to get what you always want and never stop your hard work to achieve all the success that is meant for you.

And to be honest, if you achieve success as a result of hard work, you will feel satisfied and more happy than you can ever feel after getting success with any hard work.

Monika Verma
A mere writer from Muzaffarpur, who graduated in Chemistry stream. I have been an avid reader since childhood which motivated me to focus my expressions and pen them down. I am a published writer and have been part of different anthologies, my first anthology being "Memoirs of Teenage" by Damick Publications. I was a contributing writer for a magazine entitled "Indori Zayaka". From my anthologies, my aim is to provide a social message and change the perception. My most recent anthologies are: Tales of Love- From a Valentine To a Valentine WO(MEN)- The untapped reservoir of strength, pride and talent