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Read of the Week: Everybody Works In Sales ★★★★★

Everybody Works in Sales | Magazine

Award-winning executive Niraj Kapur has worked in corporate London for 23 years. From small businesses to a national newspaper and FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, he’s experienced it all – from big wins to horrible failures. He’s also seen plenty of the ugly side of business during his corporate career – much of it directed at him.

Niraj KapurIn his best selling book ‘Everybody Works In Sales’, Niraj Kapur presents 27 valuable lessons that he has learned from his experiences, sharing his insight and knowledge in a compelling book that will make you laugh, cry and squirm – sometimes because you truly feel for the author, and sometimes because the stories are just too close to home. We’ve all met or been at least one of the characters who add colour to this brilliant read.

The aim of Everybody Works In Sales is to combine Niraj’s unique approach to storytelling with his practical skills in personal development, ensuring the reader has the tools they need to do better in their career – and this objective is fulfilled within the 160 pages of a book that is moving, entertaining and incredibly informative. Niraj’s candid, honest and deeply human approach to storytelling gives this book an edge that few other books in the field share. It also enables the author’s key message of being absolutely true to oneself when working in the field of sales – or indeed any other field – to resonate throughout.

If you are directly involved in sales, this book should be the next thing you read. If believe you are not directly involved in sales, this book is even more important. Everybody Works In Sales is not just a handbook that will help to transform your performance as a salesperson – it is a book that has the insight to transform both your personal and professional life, no matter what your situation. Whether you are talking a product or a service, an opinion or even a desire, the key to success lies in the ability to sell – and it all starts within.

Each of the 27 valuable lessons contained within the book will make you stop, think and reflect. Some of them will jump out as a missing piece in this great puzzle that is life, provoking a profound moment of realisation. Whether you are reading this book for personal or professional reasons, not only will you become more successful and confident, you will also become a better person.

As an added bonus, the 27 valuable lessons within the book are supported with 17 expert interviews featuring an incredibly diverse variety of individuals, demonstrating just how widely the lessons that Niraj presents can be applied.

Everybody Works In Sales is a book that you will want to read again as soon as you finish it. You’ll also want to recommend it to everybody you know. Essential reading ★★★★★. 

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