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Practices That Changed My Life

Have you ever felt the need to improve your lifestyle but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it? As many things in life, changing your habits is easier said than done. However, being aware of the need for changes is the first step towards actually making them. So, if you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential and could still work on yourself, here are some practices that have changed my life – and will hopefully change yours as well.

Create a routine

I used to be constantly in a rush every morning. Even when I managed to get up on time, somehow I was still missing those extra five minutes to be completely ready for whatever I had planned that day. It became almost a way of life for me, to hit the snooze button at least twice and then have a hectic morning – until I decided it’s time for a change. So, I came up with a morning routine – I’d get up an hour before the kids’, drink my morning coffee, go for a 15 min walk to freshen up, then I would wake up the kids, make snacks for them, take them to kindergarten, and start my own work.

I also came up with a routine for the evenings – dinner at 6:30 pm, a small snack while watching my favorite TV show at 8 pm, and an hour of reading right before bed. It’s simple, but it allowed me to take control over my life. So, if you have a problem organizing your time, create your own routine that suits you, and stick to it for as long as it works. Now, of course, this kind of change cannot happen overnight; just try to introduce one small change at a time, and have patience. It will pay off.

Start doing yoga

We all know that yoga is good for our health, but I never knew how good it really is until I actually tried it. I was never that much into exercising, which is why my friends told me I should try yoga. So, I did – and I’m very happy I did. Yoga has made me not just look better but feel better as well. I felt stronger and lighter, and much calmer in general. Moreover, it has even improved my posture, which I’m sure my body is thankful for, considering how much time I spend sitting in front of my computer.

Also, you know how you happen to get the most creative ideas in the shower? Well, I started having the best ideas during my yoga sessions; since my mind was clear and stress-free, great ideas just started popping up.

Consider NLP

Now, this one is a bit more psychological, but finishing my professional NLP practitioner training has also improved my lifestyle. More precisely, it has changed the way I think, and it has helped me realize what it is that makes me happy. It has also improved my social skills – I’ve learned how to express my thoughts more clearly, understand other people, communicate with them more effectively, and discuss different topics in a better way. Words, in general, have become much more meaningful to me, since so many things can be expressed through the right use of words.

Read more

If you change the way you think, you can change the way you live – and one of the best ways to do that is through reading. So, find a topic that interests you or an author that you really like, and try to read at least 30 min every day. Personally, I love reading, so it wasn’t exactly a huge change for me; I just found more time for it. However, as small of a change as it might be, it has made me feel like I’ve accomplished just a bit more every day. Moreover, books have provided me with knowledge, a better understanding of the world, good advice, topics for discussions with my friends, and skills to express myself in a more “literary” manner when needed. With that in mind, have no doubt that books will change the way you think for the better. So, find a book that you’d like to read, and start reading tonight.

Change your diet

Before I got into fitness, I was just like everybody else. I’d eat whatever I liked, and I only went on a diet when I needed to lose some weight. However, when I decided to make some changes, I did some research, and I realized how little I knew about proper nutrition. This is when I decided to adjust my diet, which has consequently improved my health and my lifestyle.

Nowadays, I also make sure that my kids always get all the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy. This means no unhealthy sodas, and much more quality home-made food, including healthy snacks, like nuts and fruit. In short, I had no idea how happier and more energetic I would be if only I changed my eating habits a bit. But I’m glad I found out, and I’m sure you will too.

It doesn’t take much to improve your lifestyle. However, it does take patience, persistence, and, of course, a desire to actually make some changes. So, start reading more often, eat healthier, and take up a healthy hobby, like yoga. Create your own daily routine to make yourself feel more in control, and have no doubt that you will see the results sooner than you might think.

Isabel William
Consultant by day, Blogger by night. Mom to twins 24/7, and from recently editor on Health & Mental Health on My areas of interest are well being, mental health, self-improvement as well as the beauty of millennial transitions in all aspects of life – especially self-awareness.

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