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Overcoming Grief, Quantum Healing and Non-Negotiables – In Conversation with Dr. Carly Reimold

J.Allan Longshadow: I’m joined today by Carly Reimold, who is currently in Canada, but you’ve actually spent much of your life in different places. Haven’t you? 

Carly Reimold: I have indeed. I was originally born in Germany and when I was very young, my parents moved to South Africa where I grew up so I feel like that is where my heart lies.  I lived there for 25 years and then moved to Switzerland. And I’m now in Canada after a 10-year stint in Europe. So yeah, loving it. 

J.Allan Longshadow: And of course, you’ve also spent some time here in the UK, haven’t you? 

Carly Reimold: I have, yes, I have family in the UK and, you know, it’s not much of the weather for me, but it is a great place as well to see. I’m very much a travel person.. 

J.Allan Longshadow: Based in Calgary in Canada, how is your weather? What sort of weather would I expect where you are at the moment? 

Carly Reimold: So we have just gone into spring. We had the spring Equinox in the weekend, which is fantastic. Today we started with minus two Celsius and now it’s eight Celsius and funnily enough, it’s supposed to snow again today. So Calgary is very much known for having four seasons in one day, which is interesting for sure, 

J.Allan Longshadow: Rather than us getting one season all year, here in Britain!  What about winter in your area, what does winter look like for you?

Carly Reimold: So having lived in Europe, I’m used to snow, but here in Calgary, in Canada in general, it can dip very fine to minus 30 degrees Celsius, which is eye-opening to say the least. I do tend to love it though, because I’m very much a home buddy and I love laying on the couch with my laptop and seeing snow outside, it’s incredibly cozy. And I think it does a lot for the soul as well. So it’s, it’s a good feeling for me at least. 

J.Allan Longshadow: So I’d like to talk to you today about your business. You are the owner of Naturally Thriving You.  Please tell me a little bit about your business, what it’s all about and some of the different things that you do.

Carly Reimold: Yeah, for sure. So, I Started Naturally Thriving you around five years ago and it’s definitely grown over time. Originally I started out as a Doterra Wellness Advocate and a change advocate, so using natural tools to help support the body and the wellbeing, energetically and naturally of course. My business Naturally Thriving You has really grown into a platform for helping others thrive holistically. I have a range of things that I provide from a healing perspective. So. I work with individuals and businesses to help themselves and their employees to find health and motivation and their drive to connect with the goals that they’re trying to achieve, and we do this through different techniques and practices. 

J.Allan Longshadow: And what different practices do you specialize in then? 

Carly Reimold: So I specialize in Quantum Energy Healing, which is a unique modality in rebalancing and restoring energy within the body. I work a lot with the transpersonal self. So what that means for me is your mind, body, emotions and energy or spirit. I have a modality called BTMI, which is Body Thought Memory Integration. So through a range of questions, we will tap into your subconscious to see what’s kind of lying there untouched, or hasn’t been touched for a while, and then we’ll reshift that within the body, the energy within the body, working with the chakras, working with energy flow, colour therapy, a lot of breath work and meditation. So, um, it’s a lot of fun because when you work with colours, you can really tap into so many different things. 

J.Allan Longshadow: It fascinates me the different journeys people have taken to get to where they are today. What triggered your journey into the health and wellbeing business? 

Carly Reimold: It’s been a long journey and I’m by far not through it. I love growing in this modality and in my own spirituality. When I was growing up, my dad is actually a professor in meteorology, he studies meteorites, minerals, gemstones, things like that. So I’ve had the science element around me since I was very, very young, but never really wanted to go into academics. And when I was living in Europe, my husband and I, (my then boyfriend, but he’s now my husband), we ended up having a young dog together, and at 15 months she passed away and we didn’t know why. The vet couldn’t really find what was wrong with her. And within a week she had left us and it turned out that she had a tumour behind her heart, that was the size of pretty much my fist.

And it was traumatic. It was very much a grieving process that my husband and I both went through in a very different way. But I started questioning why this would happen. She was 15 months old. You know, why would the universe or whomever, why would they take her? And it was very difficult. And through this, I started looking for ways to come out of my grieving process. I have a friend in South Africa who reached out to me,  a very close friend who does Reiki. And she suggested I try using oils and crystals with meditation to just try and connect with myself a little bit more and see what’s coming up, that needs healing.

So that’s what I did. I ended up diving into myself, connecting with my inner being and what was sitting there. And through this grieving process, I had so many other traumatic experiences from when I was a young child come up, that I was able to work through and this catapulted me into my own spirituality and my own spiritual journey because now I was like, Oh my gosh, my eyes are open. I need to know more. That prompted me to start studying. I now have my PhD in Quantum Energy Healing. I studied through the IMHS, which is the Institute for Metaphysical and Humanistic Science and it’s just opened up so many doors, so it’s been an incredible journey, a painful one in some regards, but I feel forever blessed and grateful for having my eyes opened up. And I’m just out to help as many people as possible.

J.Allan Longshadow: Grief, for so many people, at the same time as being a huge personal tragedy, is also very often an eye-opening moment and if you can seize it as an opportunity, it can really open doors to new levels of development. I’ve got my own experiences, in bereavement, which I’m not going to go into today because it would take away from your story. But I really see how that can come about. Death is a strange thing. You can never prepare for death. You can never really accept it, but sometimes it’s harder to accept it in the circumstances than perhaps on other occasions, I think, and it can really bring about a pivotal moment, can’t it. On the subject of bereavement and that kind of thing, what’s your experience of the last twelve months and the whole coronavirus situation been? 

Carly Reimold: It’s definitely been eye-opening as well. Whenever someone asks me my opinion or my view of the past twelve months, I just have these wonderful images that came out, these pictures of the deer and the animals that were like in Times Square in New York. And how wildlife kind of shifted into spaces that humans occupy, if we can call it that. So I feel that for many, there has been sadness, loss and bereavement, as you mentioned.

But in the same breath, I feel like there are many people that have seen this as an opportunity for growth, a time to reconnect with themselves, with their family, although not being able to see them in person necessarily, but you know, we’ve had these opportunities to shift our own gears. And I think a lot of us have had some introspection going on. For me, I think it’s been a blessing. I have been able to dive deeply into my own business, I have been able to reconnect with some family and friends overseas that I didn’t before, because now Zoom is a thing – not that it wasn’t before – but you know what I mean? So for those that have experienced sadness in this time, my heart is very open for them and I hold space for them. But in the same breath, I hope that we can just take this time to still give love to those struggling with what is going on.

J.Allan Longshadow: I think the key is to see the opportunity, to see the positivity and to look to the future. Isn’t it? We must look to the future and find strengths. In terms of your area, has it been hit very hard by coronavirus? Is it something that’s been very noticeable, or have you been rather lucky?

Carly Reimold: I think everywhere has been hit hard in their own regards. It’s relative. I’m very active on social media, so I do see a lot of people being opinionated about things, being able to voice their opinions. I live on a farm, so in that regard, I am happy to have fresh air around me and my husband and I have really just been diving into health and wellbeing essentially. But when I think of the people that are in Calgary, downtown, people that live in apartment blocks and buildings, you know, a lot of them have been feeling very closed off because you’re literally in your tiny four walls. So it’s been interesting. Living in this part of the world, Calgary, it sits within the province of Alberta and it’s a very opinionated area and has a lot of old school ways, in some regards, conservative. So it has brought out some not so lovely comments towards people, I guess, but we’re all just doing our best. 

J.Allan Longshadow: I think sometimes opinion is driven by people trying as well to find their own understanding of the situation? Isn’t it? Because it’s a situation nobody’s ever experienced before. It is difficult, but I think ultimately everybody is trying to seek their own answers in their own different ways. As somebody who works in the helping professions, as somebody whose business is based on helping people to heal, helping people to be spiritual and mindful in their body as well to sort of seek comfort, to seek help, what do you do yourself to look after your own self-care? 

Carly Reimold: So, self-care for me is a really incredibly important part of my day. I actually have a list of non-negotiables and a sense of things that I really do have to do and strive to achieve throughout the day. I really try to wake up between five and five-thirty, beating the sun up. And meditation is my first go-to in that sense, I’m a huge believer in not having to meditate for hours on end. If you do it for five to ten minutes, that’s fine as well. So that has definitely become a key part of my routine. Spending time with my young dog and my husband are also super important for my self-worth, and the oils and supplements that I use are also a key element to my health regime. So those are definitely on the top of my list.

J.Allan Longshadow: You mentioned with meditation that it doesn’t have to be a really prolonged thing. And I think the emphasis is on quality, isn’t it, rather than quantity, as in, really going deep and finding quality in what you do, isn’t it ? 

Carly Reimold: Yes. I think often people feel under pressure when it comes to meditation. I often have clients come to me and say, well, I just don’t know how to focus, or I don’t know how to sit still. And when it comes to putting yourself under pressure, you’re not helping yourself in getting the work, done, getting the meditation in and that’s why I say, if you can just sit quietly with your eyes closed, if it means putting some quiet nature sounds on, that in itself is just bringing your body instantly into a calmer state, and that is what you really are achieving or wanting to achieve. 

J.Allan Longshadow: So it’s really a case of finding what works for you in terms of getting into that meditative state, isn’t it. For me, walking in, in nature is tremendously beneficial. I find that to be a perfect state where I can get into a meditation.

You talked about the non-negotiables. It’s something I find really interesting, especially from the perspective of course of relationships, because sometimes it can be very hard to balance up your own self-care needs and of course, to balance your relationship as well. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, do you share these non-negotiables with your partner and do you have some sort of agreement that these are my non-negotiables and I will do this. 

Carly Reimold: He knows very well that I’m a list person. So that comes into creating a list for myself of what my non-negotiables are. I try to keep them at five for my personal self-care and then five for my business – ten in total. So he’s very much aware of what goes into that. And when it comes to creating your own non-negotiables lists, I think it’s important for everyone to realize that what you do and what I do will be very different. It’s just important to connect with what you think is important for this very moment in your life that will bring you forward, bring you value, bring you growth. So whether you’re with a partner or without, I would definitely share it because keeping open communication about your growth is not only important for yourself, but for your partnership. 

J.Allan Longshadow: You mentioned that one of your non-negotiables is your meditation. What does that look like? Do you have a sort of a particular statement, you know, something like an affirmation, that sort of thing, that you work to? 

Carly Reimold: So the non-negotiable in the sense of meditation is that I really strive to do it every single day. Meditation is a key element to de-stressing for myself. I worked in corporate sales for thirteen years, so the hustle and bustle is very much a way, a thing that I know. When it comes to meditation in the mornings for me, what I will often do, when the house is quiet, husband is still sleeping, puppy is still sleeping, I put the lights down. So if it’s before the sun comes up, I keep the lights down, maybe light a candle, just bringing about some spiritual fire energy. I will often choose a crystal just to work with in collaboration, depending on what I’m feeling in that moment as an intention to be setting, and I will choose an oil intuitively for that same intention and just close my eyes and start breathing in a natural way, but slightly increased, because I feel like when you focus in on your breathing, it’s easier to focus on the meditation. And often people say it’s a contradictory statement, meditation and focus, but you do want to focus in on the quiet and breathing, it definitely helps them.

J.Allan Longshadow: Something I’ve worked with various participants is, for those who struggle with meditation, beginning with breathing classes, which can be a really good step towards achieving meditation, as you’ve said. And it allows you something to progress from and to get into that mindset. Where do you see the future of your business, your practice then, what, what sort of things do you see developing over the next twelve months and beyond? 

Carly Reimold: Coming back to your comment from earlier about what’s been happening in the last twelve months, something that I have seen here in Calgary that has really spoken to my heart is in the retail space and in the business space, restaurants and retail, how the employees are struggling with mental health. And I think very often in that space, you know, people in general, forget that these individuals are really trying to work hard. Some of them have lost their jobs. So for me, in my business Naturally Thriving You, I’m placing an intentional focus on the retail and restaurant space, reaching out to business owners as well as individuals, seeing how we can collaborate on bringing more of a mental health support system to these individuals, so that’s really what I’m working on right now. 

J.Allan Longshadow: What would you say to anybody wanting to learn more in particular about your Quantum Energy Healing? Because it’s something that’s perhaps – certainly in the UK – less familiar. What would you say to anybody wanting to find out more about this?

Carly Reimold: To be honest with you, I think it isn’t very well known globally in a sense. When I decided to start studying Quantum Energy Healing, it was a choice between that and Reiki. I decided that, because everything around us is energy and, having a little bit of a sciency element to my youth with my dad and having science in my life, and then with my spiritual, let’s call it, awakening, connecting with my, my spiritual side, the metaphysical, I wanted to learn more about the connection. So we know that we’re all made up of atoms and molecules, and then we start going deeper and deeper and start looking at really tiny particles and without getting into sciency vibes, I think it’s really important for us to realize as humans that we are a super tiny speck in this huge ginormous universe, this platform around us, this reality around us. I loved studying with the INHS so they can gladly have a look for more information there. And I am doing a range of different courses and mentorship programs as well to help individuals connect with that side of the energy healing modality, so there’s, there’s lots of information out there. 

J.Allan Longshadow: Carly, thank you ever so much for joining me today. It has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you, and I hope to speak to you again in the future. 

Carly Reimold: Yeah. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it. And anybody who’s interested in knowing any more, please feel free to reach out anytime.

You can find Carly Reimold at:

Facebook –  Naturally Thriving You

Instagram – Naturally Thriving You

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