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“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

-  Carol Burnett



J.Allan Longshadow | Press

"On my thirtieth birthday, I fulfilled a lifetime ambition and published my first book, a collection of short stories influenced by the things I had experienced in my travels abroad. Just like the journeys that had themselves inspired my work, the process of turning what started as a distant vision into a coherent and tangible printed book proved to be an exciting adventure, if not more of an expedition into uncharted territory at times.

I developed a passion for publishing at that moment, and since then have worked with many individuals to help turn their book publishing dream into reality. It is this desire to enable others to experience the pleasure of turning words into pages that inspired me to launch Motiv8me.Press, an independent publishing imprint which forms part of the organisation."

J.Allan Longshadow

J.Allan Longshadow, President.

Titles Available From Motiv8me.Press

Grammatical Structure

"How can we explain ourselves? A hazy distance surrounds the town this morning, fields, hedges - folds of the visual cortex. I'm walking down the street in the sunshine, the words for things glistening, gelatinous. And I feel good too, this morning. I head for the cafe, brain flaring, a mass of well-being melted by the friction of interaction into energy and decision.

In the end, we are what we say we are. Words hold things together, the words for things. We live in the spaces of what is unsaid."


Silence Protruding

"Stole a hug today, stretching my frost-hardened joints to accommodate the disused space between us. We spoke awkwardly, a language full of bones. There was a silence & that's when I stole it - That's when I stole your crumpled breath from you, your smile, chaotic with shops & streets."


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