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Make love your mission

The most incredible way of looking at someone is through the lens of love.

Not only will you feel the love flowing through your veins, but the person you are loving will automatically feel it too. I think most of us get sparked when we know we’ve made a difference in someone’s life for the better. So you send love, the person feels your love, then you feel it boomeranging back because you know you’ve made a difference. Pretty flipping cool! 

It feels fantastic because love is our true nature. And anytime we are tapping into our true essence, it feels incredible. 

So if it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, why is it so difficult for so many to maintain this state of unconditional love. We came into this world feeling confident, good enough, and lovable. Then over time, we agreed based on what others told us or what we told ourselves that we were less than good enough and lovable. If you ever care to drill it down, you will likely come up with your greatest fears being not being good enough and not lovable. It roots into you based on the stories you likely tell yourself as a kid that carries on into adulthood. You can have the most loving parents in the world and have a grade school incident that changes everything. 

During a conversation with a friend a while back about confidence, they told me they remembered being a confident kid who loved being in front of the classroom and was considered energetic and extroverted. However, as an adult, they were very quiet, shy, and hated to talk up in large groups. So I asked why? They said they remembered sharing with the class about something neat that happened during a show-and-tell. He couldn’t wait to share. But after telling the story, the entire class laughed at him. He said after that incident, “that was it, I shut down!” 

Feeling embarrassed doesn’t feel good. And when we feel ashamed, we start to form all kinds of crazy stories in our minds. Like many, they created a story that lasted for a long time. “Something must be wrong with me.” Because the mind is so sharp, it can be compelling.

In a lot of cases similar to this one, kids end up shutting down because they believed the tale.  

They could have chosen a different story. The kids in the class think I’m funny, and I made them feel good by laughing. It would have gone in a completely different direction. Most people believe in the worst-case scenario, though. 

Part of my coaching is teaching people that the mind is very creative, and when you change the way you think, it will change your life. And once you understand you are indeed lovable and good enough, you will no longer have the constant need to prove it to yourself and others. 

When this happens, judgment towards yourself melts, and you start moving more naturally towards your desires because it lights you up. The judge isn’t guarding the door any longer.  

Fear isn’t continually driving you to prove to yourself. When fear is in the driver seat, it can put you in a desperate mode, which ultimately causes you to make decisions that can set you back. 

When you judge yourself less, you judge others less, which brings us back to feeling love and essentially brings us back to ourselves.

If you are ready to return home and feel the best feeling in the world on a more regular basis, let’s chat sometime and get it kicking! To wrap this up, every one of us is PURE LOVE, waiting to happen. And still, too many of us spend most of our time waiting for love to show up rather than sharing willingly who we truly are with others. Love is never outside of ourselves. Love is within us. 

Remember who you are today, soooo darn lovable! Make it your mission to feel the love in your veins.

PS: If you are looking for additional support, let’s jump on a call and chat! You can schedule HERE.

This article originally published here at the Astonishing Tales digital magazine.

Francine Favret
An Executive Coach and Certified Speaker, I guide professionals to having really great relationships so they can flourish both personally and professionally.

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