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Life has a roadmap. Here’s how to find it

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Sometimes You’ve Got To Let Go Of Your Head And Your Heart And Go With What You Feel To Get Where You’ve Always Wanted To Go – Written By The Astonishing Kyle Jackson, Publisher of The Astonishing Tales and first published here on December 1st, 2017.

I have to say, this life sure does feel like one helluva TV show: a lot of recasts, recurring characters, love affairs, stalkers, betrayals… Is it a soap opera or a thriller at this point?I look at my life in chapters, or more so, seasons, like a TV show, and my life being a series has been ongoing, like a Netflix dramedy that’s been airing since my college days.

This series, my life, is truly astonishing.

My life has brought me great fun, great times, and equally bad times, and peril, and danger, and consequences.

Just like a television series.

I’ve evolved, made the same mistakes over and over again, trusted the wrong people, loved the best people, and escaped the worst people.

But most of all, my life, as I’ve realized, has been a steady escalator ride, leading me to a place that I always dreamed I’d go, but never knew the way to get there.

This escalator ride, I know for a fact that I’ve slowed down my journey by my own foolish actions, whether they were misguided by my heart and its wishes, or simply by being pig-headed and doing something stupid like not listening to my feelings and going with my thoughts.

That’s what I’m trying to say. Go with your feelings.

I’ve found that all too many times, people will just overthink something or trust their head. But sometimes thinking and going with the logical choice can lead you to stay in a situation based on logic, because “hey, that can’t happen. That would be impossible.”

How many times have we seen in movies, where the lead protagonist knows he shouldn’t trust the villain but walks into a trap all because he figured he could maybe get out of it?

Life is just like that. Only sometimes you don’t a sequel if you don’t have luck on your side, or in my case, my producer and screenwriter have really done a great job of making a way out of those situations just for this astonishing guy right here.

So we covered head and thinking.

How about your heart?

Well sure, if we’re saying don’t rely on your head too much, then trusting your heart is the best way to go right?

Not exactly.

I’ve known many men who have let their head lead them into places they shouldn’t be with people they shouldn’t be with – or women they shouldn’t belong to, all because they wanted to trust their heart and live and love and be happy.

They’ve allowed transgressions to occur against them committed by spouses or lovers that they would tell others not to accept, all because they wanted to trust their heart.

I can never say that the heart is always right or always wrong – but what I can say is to always move and act on what your heart wants, is one of the most foolish things you can do.

I know for certain following my heart has led me to situations – one in particular, several years ago when I lived in Lafayette, where a beautiful woman loved me but I followed my heart, my foolish, foolish heart, and wanted the love of another.

Turns out, I ended up with neither. Way to go, Mr. Astonishing.

A younger Astonisher pulled that off. But of course, I say to myself I’ll never make the same mistake again. But in many ways, I’ll always kick myself for not returning the love of the beautiful woman who truly loved me.

But I listened to my heart – and sadly, by the time my heart was ready to love her back, she had finally found peace and moved forward.

The power of the heart right?

So you can’t always follow your heart. Or your head.

Well take it from Sir Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Trust Your Feelings.

Yep. Your feelings.

I’ll wrap this up quick. Trying to stay under 900 words here.

Your feelings are your guide. It’s connected to your emotions. And emotions come from your heart and head. A perfect fusion.

The Astonisher. See? Told  you I keep a supersuit like I’m incredible…

I’ve learned more and more for this series of my life to continue  – to prosper successfully, which it is so far, I’ve got to trust my feelings.

I truly started doing it in 2015. So far so good, and I picked it back up around June of this year.

Your feelings can give you something you just might need that I was desperately searching for.

Your road map.

The road map to success. The road map to your great journey.

Sure, depending on who you are, your feelings might be totally screwed up, but I’m not talking to that guy.

People who consistently attack your confidence, self-esteem and speak ill of you and try to stop you, are more aware of your potential and greatness than you are. Prove them Right.

That guy needs Jesus or something, so they can stop reading now.

I’m talking to YOU.

The person who wants to evolve.

The Person Who wants to grow.

The Person Who wants to admit they don’t know it all.

The Person Who wants to say they are WRONG, they have FAULTS, they have done bad things and they need to change their lives to be truly better.

To You, I’m writing this. Consider this your road map.

Trust your feelings, and maybe I’ll see you out there on the adventure of our lives.

Maybe you’ll be a guest star or recurring character in the series of my astonishing tale that I call my life.

Just trust your feelings. You’ve got to trust something.

Until then, find yourself, trust your feelings, and you’ll find your road map.


Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson is the Founder, Publisher and current Executive Editor (until I hire someone else to do this damn job) of The Astonishing Tales digital magazine and has 15 lackluster and regrettable years experience as a writer, journalist, editor, brand ambassador, public relations and marketing specialist. Jackson is a native New Orleanian, hard-charging journalist, jet-setter and adventurer who is trying to eat healthier and smoke less cigarettes. In his spare time he enjoys exercise, writing, buying suits and ties, traveling and writing barely humorous About Me sections in the third person.

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