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Let’s Seize The Opportunity And Come Out Of This Ahead!

If you’re like me, you are probably finding yourself wondering what day is it. They all seem to have blurred into one. We are living in different times for sure. 

Many things are stretching us to grow right now, and most of them don’t feel so great.  There are so many things that I can reflect on that I took for granted. I miss having coffee meetups with friends and visiting with my parents weekly. And like many, the nail salon, and my hair could use a touch-up! My husband asked me to cut his hair last weekend. I was nervous as hell to do it, but I did it anyway. I’m happy he has a sense of humour and loves me. I’m thankful that he can wear a hat. Yep, it didn’t come out so good. But we’ll live, and now we laugh about it.  Small potatoes compared to many things going on right now. 

Yes, things are different, and like many, I believe we are being called by life to grow, and growing can feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it can feel like a heavy weight in your chest.

While it would be so easy to go into a pity party, it would serve us all to reflect on all the things that we can be grateful for instead of dipping our toe in what’s going wrong. Our mind will discover what we put focus on, so why not search for the good. 

I’m grateful for more hours to do the things that I love, like working in my yard and planting flowers. This weekend I’m planting my first garden. We may be home right now, but it doesn’t mean that life has to pause. We don’t have to stop dreaming and seeking what fuels our hearts.

We can seize the opportunity and map out a dream or a goal that we’ve been putting off.  

When would NOW be a good time to…….?

Fill in the blank and get started. Let’s become the best versions of ourselves and become deliberate about finally bringing an idea to life that we have been otherwise putting off. By using our time to be intentional rather than getting caught up in the intensity of what’s going on, we will come out ahead. 

P.S.: I help my clients gain more freedom in their life so you can experience more success in what you are passionate about doing. If this resonates with you, it would be great to chat with you! Pick a good time HERE

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This article was originally published here on The Astonishing Tales digital magazine on 22/02/2020

Francine Favret
An Executive Coach and Certified Speaker, I guide professionals to having really great relationships so they can flourish both personally and professionally.

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