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Just for today… do not worry

This is one of the Reiki precepts or principles, that practitioners are first introduced to, to reflect upon. And for worriers, so much easier said than done. You may have been told numerous times ‘not to worry’, but it’s rarely explained how not to! Read on for a tool which can help..
If you think about what worry is, it’s a jump into the future where we create all sorts of scenarios and catastrophise about all the terrible things that can happen. It’s usually accompanied by phrases such as ‘what if this.. or what if that happens?’ and tight or fluttering anxiety in the stomach or solar plexus area. Worry could be said to be the shadow side of a creative mind. A vivid imagination. We can imagine all sorts.
For worriers, like I can be too, that can be draining and tiring. It can deplete us energetically because we are literally putting energy into the future. Energy follows attention, what we focus on is where that energy goes, so we have no energy for the present.
Learning to master what is often called the ‘monkey mind’, or ‘the untamed mind’, i.e. the mind that is uncontrolled, is also helpful. This is the mind that jumps here, there and everywhere and seems to have a mind of its own (think about that one). How much control do you have over your mind?  Like most of us, very little, because it’s not something we are taught how to do, but by being mindful, being in the Here and Now, we learn.
The key is about bringing our attention and focus back to the present moment. We bring ourselves back. Realising and noticing we’ve jumped to the future and we are somewhere else and caught up in that without realising, it’s like a negative daydream or a trance state.
Often in the present we are actually OK.
Noticing what we have, or how we are, right here right now can be helpful. Being in the moment, staying in the now. We need our energy for the here and now.
HOW AM I RIGHT NOW? We may notice the worry and fear that we have. That’s OK, it’s quite normal for the uncertainty that is around us. It’s important not to judge ourselves for having those feelings, just take some moments to breathe, self soothe with thoughts of compassion for our fears, be your own best friend. Calm yourself however you do that, find a meditation on YouTube. When we calm ourselves we are then also more able to help others. We can’t serve from that empty cup.
As we cultivate loving kindness towards ourselves, we can find that our worries and fears can soften. You may something like ‘there is my worrying mind again… There is panic.. and I’m OK right now’ . We can then detach (de-ache) from the worry, when we come back to the present…we may then be more able to attend to others…
Please remember, with patience for yourself, it can take years of practise to create a long term habit but it also has benefits right now. I sometimes still wake up worrying, and will go in and out of it at times. How empowering though to know how to do differently nowadays instead of being powerless.
Mastering the mind doesn’t happen overnight, but it can ease us in that instant when we notice we are jumping ahead. HOW AM I RIGHT NOW? What do I see around me? Notice where you are standing, touch the leaves on the trees, notice the view, hear the birds, massage your hands, smell your favourite fragrance, notice what is happening for you physically, take a slow deep breath…
Do some self-treating if you already practise reiki..
And just for today… Do not worry 🥰✨
Emma Sims
Emma Sims is a complementary Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher with 20+ years experience in the field. She is based in the Community Resource Centre, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, North Wales.

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