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Introducing Firelotto, the World’s first ever Blockchain Lottery

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On January 1st 2018, the world’s first ever Blockchain Lottery launched, a great example of how Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain technologies are pushing new boundaries – not just in the financial and technological sense but also in a geographical sense.

Firelotto Blockchain Lottery | www.firelotto.ioUnlike traditional lotteries which are state controlled, heavily taxed and subject to strict limitations on who can participate, the revolutionary new platform from Firelotto is a decentralised lottery system developed on Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts  – a truly borderless lottery that anybody, anywhere can play.

As well as challenging the traditional limitations of popular lotteries, Firelotto also uses advanced technology to make itself one of the safest and securest lottery platforms ever created. The fully secure random number generation (RNG) system, based on Bitcoin decentralized protocol, is used to manage the draws eliminates the risk of fraud and manipulation, whilst the use of user managed Crypto-Currency wallets to manage ticket payments and payouts ensures maximum security.

The unique blockchain technology behind this exciting and innovative project also means that the prize pool is potentially endless, allowing it to grow into millions of dollars with continued operations.

What is Firelotto?

Fire Lotto is a modern blockchain lottery that is as simple and understandable as traditional lotteries are.

  • A record 70% of funds collected from ticket sales will be allocated to the prize pool.
  • The initial guaranteed prize pool is over 1 million USD.
  • The amount of the prize pool can grow up to dozens of millions of dollars.
  • If nobody wins the main prize in a draw, it will be increased and rolled over to the next draw. The jackpot will keep growing until it finds its winner.
  • Distribution and payout procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts.
  • Winnings of any size are paid out almost instantly to your secure Crypto-Currency wallet

What is unique about Firelotto?

UFirelotto prize pool | www.firelotto.ionlike regular lotteries which are government controlled and subject to strict, localised legislation, Firelotto is open to anybody in the world. The primary objective of the project is to create a fair international lottery with a large prize pool and fast payment for winnings.

The starting price of a ticket is just $2 (USD) and the platform promises to put 70% of ticket sales into the jackpot.


How does Fire Lotto work?

Firelotto offers users a choice of 4 popular lottery games, with more expected in the future based on player demand. Players can choose from either instant or draw lottery.

The Instant Lottery Roger’s Wheel has a fortune wheel with 21 numbers. It offers bets from 0,007 ETH with a coefficient from 2 to 20. If you guess the right number, then you’ll receive your bet multiplied by the chosen coefficient.

There are 3 types of draw lottery: 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45. Players simply pick one, buy a ticket and mark their numbers. Lotteries are held every 6 hours with winnings based on the amount of numbers that have been correctly guessed.

Firelotto Games |

What Makes Firelotto the most honest lottery?

  • Winning number are chosen by RNG based on blockchain technology Bitcoin, meaning they are impossible to fake.
  • All lottery parameters are in open source. They are accessible and fully transparent 24/7.
  • Complete anonymity and safety. No taxes!
  • Decentralized platform provides full autonomy and independence.
  • Record payments to prize pool – 70% from all raised funds.

What do I need to get started?

It couldn’t be easier to try Fire Lotto right now!

  • Minimum price of a lottery ticket is about $2
  • Mobile and PC versions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Instant winnings payout
  • You need only crypto wallet and Internet access to play

Firelotto for Crypto-Currency Investors

As well as being a hugely attractive lottery for players worldwide, Firelotto also offers a unique and attractive opportunity for Crypto-Currency investors through the 2018 Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO for Firelotto will be split into several stages:

There will be several stages of ICO:

  • Privat presale 15th of December 2017 till 15th of January 2018
  • Pre ICO 15th of January 2018 till 15th of February 2018
  • ICO 15th of March 2018 till 15th of April 2018

During the ICO, there will be 100 million tokens released. 77 million FLOT tokens will be sold during the ICO. With a 10% commission of FLOT token holders, the lottery is set to offer substantial return on investment (ROI ) as a continued source of Crypto-Currency income. Firelotto also offers a transparent referral program allowing investors to earn up to 15% cashback for each ticket sold.

Learn More

To learn more about Firelotto and become part of this exciting opportunity by participate in the Pre-sale, visit now.

You may also want to visit Firelotto on their social media channels:






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