An Instagram Strategy for Any Entrepreneur


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Entrepreneurship has been around for ages but the awareness about it has skyrocketed in recent years  – largely due to the invention and vast expansion of social media.

Social media is a vast and even sometimes overwhelming place to navigate if you’re an up and coming entrepreneur (or one who wants to take their brand to the next level).

There are many social platforms to take a look at but today let’s look at Instagram.  The platform basically allows the user to post photos and videos on many sections of the application. Doing this allows the piece of content to be shown to your followers as well as potential followers based on the hashtag(s) that you decide to utilize.

With this in mind, building an entrepreneurial brand on Instagram is a big opportunity to gain new followers and potential customers.

There are many, many strategies to build any brand on Instagram but I’ve found this to be the most effective (assuming you’re already a user and posting consistently at a bare minimum of 1 to 4 times per day).

  1. Go to the Search tab in the Instagram app
  2. Click Tags
  3. Search a hashtag that is in your niche
  4. Like and comment on the top 8 to 10 photos that appear
  5. Repeat these steps but search for a different hashtag in your niche
  6. Do this 10 times for 10 different hashtags
  7. In total, comment on and like 80 to 100 photos per day (8-10 photos x 10 different hashtags = 80 to 100 comments)
  8. An example: If a brand was focused on travel here’s what I would do.
  • Open Instagram, click the Search tab, then tags, search Travel
  • Comment on and like the top 8 to 10 photos that appear
  • Go back to the Tags section, search Traveller
  • Comment on and like the top 8-10 photos that appear
  • Continue repeat this process until you’ve reached 8 to 10 different hashtags

Doing this process 8 to 10 times may seem like a daunting task but here’s the thing: it builds your credibility in the community and reach for your brand. Along with this, you should gain around 3 to 5+ new followers per day doing this. Do that each day for a month that’s 90-150+ new followers per month!

As your following grows every months so will your reach. So instead of gaining 90-150+ followers a month you may gain in the hundreds or even thousands.

My final thoughts and tips to make this a success:

  • Don’t do all of this in one sitting. We all have busy lives so execute on this strategy all throughout your day when you have free time here and there.
  • Continue to post content on your own account to turn potential followers into followers.
  • Most importantly: Be genuine. If you aren’t making genuine comments you’ll get very little results using this strategy.

Continuing to execute on this strategy will allow you to grow your brand. Try it the next 30 days and you’ll be amazed at what happens!