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Indoor gardening for mind, body & soul

This article is a continuation from a previous article on gardening and explores the multiple benefits of indoor gardening. It is an ideal activity when, for example, the weather is too undesirable to go outside, and a great way to continue your gardening passion during the winter months when not much grows outside. It’s also a great way to embrace gardening if you don’t have access to a garden or outdoor space of your own.

Here are a few positive mental and physical benefits to indoor gardening and the creative joy that comes with creating a green space indoors, and a look at how we can transform our spaces and boost our wellbeing at the same time.

An increased interest in indoor gardening

With lockdowns changing tha way we live and work, there has definitely been increased interest over the last year in using our indoor spaces in a new way and a focus on transforming our interior spaces. As well as the need to create spaces that work better for us,  many also have more time to dedicate themselves to making improvements at home. Indoor gardening i about far more than simply improving the cosmetic appearance of your space too – it can positively contribute your life by boosting physical and mental health, and is a way to express yourself creatively too. 

Physical health and wellbeing

Maintaining and curating a garden requires a certain amount of attention and effort that requires us to be mentally engaged with the hobby. At the same time, gardening is a slower, low impact form of exercise that has positive health impacts. Among others,  it promotes a healthy heart and muscle growth for those of all ages but particularly seniors.

It also involves many activities that can be used as an aerobic exercise such as pruning, weeding, and watering, all of which can help and work various muscles.

Mental health boost

For me, one of the many enjoyable benefits of gardening is its relaxing and therapeutic benefits. But it turns out that its popularity also has a scientific basis, with a surge in indoor gardens for the elderly appearing in countries all over the world.

There are a few reasons as to why these have become so popular. It is now known that soil that releases serotonin in our brains, while other studies that show that getting involved in a community garden project supports a greater sense of belonging and a sense of shared interest and achievement with fellow gardeners, which has been shown to have positive mental health benefits.

Socialising and community

One of the wonderful aspects of gardening is that it can be done either as a peaceful, solo activity or to bond with people with a shared interest. It is a hobby that does not necessarily require words and can be used for more experienced gardeners to impart their experience and knowledge to a younger gardener. Even if you garden alone at home, you can still join up with others who share the interest and share your experiences.

No matter who it is or what the relationship between the people involved, gardening allows us to bond all year round, no matter what the weather, and strengthens our social bonding.

Self-sufficiency and produce

Another benefit of indoor gardening, if you wish to take it further, is being able to produce a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are full of physical health benefits. Homegrown produce is also rich in vitamins and minerals. As well as adding variety to our diet, they can benefit us health-wise when used to treat common ailments. From heart disease and lowering blood pressure, to better digestion and other health issues.

Even plants that are not edible have other positive benefits in our indoor gardens, and they can solve many other issues we may experience. For example, plants such as spider plants can be used as air purifiers. They are also fairly low maintenance to manage and can be used to eliminate air toxins.

To sum up, indoor gardening has many physical and mental benefits for us all to enjoy. It can enable us to be more self-sufficient or work with a community and produce things that we can enjoy, as well as being a great hobby simply for pleasure. It also offers many physical and mental benefits, not to mention culinary benefits. Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Lara Edwards
Community Manager and Editor of Motiv8.Me Woman. A photographer, radio presenter, poet and spoken word performer, Lara recently graduated from university with a joint honours in History & Creative Writing.

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