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How to make the most out of your November

This year has certainly been a challenging one for everyone. One of the most common things I have heard from people over the past couple of months is how they feel like they’ve wasted all these months that seem to have blurred into one. Well, fireworks night may have been ‘cancelled’, but if you are feeling as though you haven’t made the most out of your time since lockdown began in March, why not go into November with a ‘bang’ of your own? 

With just a week to go until November, I’ve put together some top tips on how to really make the most out of the month ahead, and come out of it feeling positive, refreshed and productive. So why not make the most of the last week of October to get yourself a step ahead…

Never feel guilty

The first thing you need to do at the beginning of this new month, is to forgive yourself for any regrets you have about time being ‘wasted’, or not being productive enough. We are all going through a situation that is completely new for everyone, and it’s perfectly normal to have not coped as well as you’d have hoped to. The pandemic situation is far from over which means you may still be experiencing anxiety or worries, which can really impact on your productivity and motivation levels. The most important thing is to not feel guilty about this.

Overcome barriers

Being productive is all about identifying and overcoming the barriers that are stopping you from getting those tasks ticked off your to-do list. It is very common that you will be facing the same things each time that will throw your productivity levels off balance. By identifying the problem, you can work on steps to improve it. Some of these problems may include:

  • Getting distracted by other family members
  • Having too much going around your head
  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration

Variation is key

Something that has become very prevalent over the past several months is the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Varying your activities throughout the day, or even the week, will really help you to feel a renewed lease of life. For example, if you are sat staring at your laptop, not getting any further with the task at hand, put it to one side. Try doing something creative or more physical and come back to it later. 

Exercise regularly

We all know that we should be exercising regularly for the positive benefits it has on our physical health, but it also does wonders for our mental health and wellbeing too. Here’s just some of the fantastic benefits regular gentle exercise has on our mental wellbeing:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Release of feel-good hormones
  • Manages stress and anxiety
  • Better self-esteem
  • Reduces the risk of depression


Meditation seems to be becoming more and more popular, with so many people finding out the array of benefits for themselves. Finding just ten minutes out of your day, whenever that may be, can really impact the way you’re feeling. 

What are the benefits of meditation? Find out here.

Be Organised

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, there is going to be nothing better for you this November than getting organised. This applies to all aspects of your life including home, work, family and even just booking in those hair cut appointments to treat yourself. Decluttering and sorting out your home instantly makes you feel more at ease, knowing everything is in order. Get yourself a diary or a to-do list, and write down everything you want to achieve this month, and more importantly, when you are going to do it! 


The meaning of being efficient is by using energy in the right place to achieve the biggest outcome. In a practical sense, think about all the tasks you think you need to do this month. Prioritise which task is going to achieve the biggest outcome, and get that done first. Try not to worry about the tasks that won’t really achieve anything important.

Remember yourself

At, we always promote time for yourself. It is most definitely needed, especially in the current situation we are all living in. Try to dedicate at least a small portion of your day to doing something you love. Whether that means going for a walk, reading a book, having a relaxing bath or just listening to some music. Not only will this give you something to look forward to within the day, but relaxation is crucial to keeping a healthy mindset. 

We would love to know what your plans are for this November. Let us know! 

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a developing psychic medium and healer. She has a keen interest in spiritual and mental health and wellbeing. Rachel also works freelance as a copywriter and social media manager. She is passionate about animals and runs an animal website,

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