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We all want more out of life, but many of us struggle to take the leap of courage, which holds us back, keeping us in a constant state of stagnation. However, what if there was another way? What if you had that magical resource within you, to affect changes in your life, without disrupting the proverbial “force” and causing a cataclysmic shift in your physical reality? I am here to tell you that this possibility exists. In fact, it always has for you! Let us take a closer look at how you can unravel this subconscious “power”, so that living your absolute best life, starts to become part of your current reality.


Not one word was mentioned in the Introduction about Quantum Leaps, so perhaps we should begin by unpacking those very words. “Quantum” comes from the Latin and means “how much”. This simply means that quantum areas are represented by a multitude of teeny-tiny particles, coming together to form energy. A “leap” is described in the Dictionary as “a forceful jump or quick movement” (noun), and also to “jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force“.

These incredibly tiny, subatomic bits of energy, which make up what we know as “Quantum Energy”, do not act in the same way as particles that we can see, feel and touch. In fact, there is still so much more we can, and are still, learning about this area of what makes us, the universe we live in, and beyond, what we know it to be. Whether we will ever fully understand all of this greatness, is the largest question on many people’s brains, and minds.


This is, of course, where a large part of Belief comes in.

What do you believe to be “out there”?

Do you believe that your pathway has already been paved?

Do you believe in everything happening for a reason? (You may very well be reading this, as your reason to start believing …Boom!)

Without trying to understand, and feeling frustrated about, what Quantum Mechanics and Physics and Energy is, as well as how this all fits into our belief system, let’s focus on what we CAN control – our actions and motion forward. It is through these actions that we can create the life we have always wanted for ourselves, different circumstances or, perhaps, a sense of accomplishment and purpose on this journey. We have the power of decision within us, to step into our forward motion, leading us towards anything and everything that our heart desires. We shall call this our ability to “THRIVE UP” in life.

Let’s not get stressed out by the amount of action we “should” be putting in to our life, but rather focus on key steps that will propel us forward on the Daily – achieving bits and bobs of the “bigger picture”, strategically and intentionally, always with the greater goal in sight.


The three key areas of your life, that need specific attention, are your Health, Your Self, and Your Wealth. Each one of these is critical to living a whole and fulfilled life. If you look at each of these as pillars, you want to keep them balanced and stable, so as to not experience a form of lack, struggle or toppling, with regards to your self-confidence and ability to thrive.

Thriving Up in Health

When it comes to your health, there are 5 areas that need particular attention:

  1. Reducing Stress
  2. Getting Enough Sleep
  3. Consuming Clean and Nutritious Food & Supplementation
  4. Hydrating Sufficiently
  5. Hourly Movement
  6. Reducing Toxic Load

Thriving Up in Self

Your self needs just as much care, as any physical part of your Being.

Here’s what needs attention in this area of your life:

  1. Focus on a Regular & Balanced Breath
  2. Meditation & Looking Inwards
  3. Energetic Alignment Activities
  4. Growing Your Mind with the New
  5. Embracing Exploration
  1. Taking Time to Indulge in Joy

Thriving Up in Wealth

The financial elements and perspectives, of our Human Experience, are often forgotten, or not mentioned, at all.

Having financial stability is critically important to maintaining the balance of the two other areas of your life.

Here’s what kind of attention can be focused in on this area:

  1. Have a Clear Goal in Mind, at all times
  2. Do What Makes You Happy, Really!
  3. Talk About Money Often
  4. Make Time & Financial Freedom a Priority
  5. Engage in Legacy Building
  6. Manifest, Visualize & Work Hard

The secret to embracing the above-mentioned topics, and seamlessly bringing them into your life, is through creating Daily Habits and Action-Taking Steps. It’s no surprise that simply manifesting your dreams, will not bring about your magical reality. You need to work hard, every day, and only then, will you start reaping the rewards that life has to offer.

The choice to THRIVE UP in your life starts with YOU! 

Make the decision and start acting on your Quantum Leaps every day. 

You will soon start feeling a joy, which you have never felt before!

Should you wish to learn more about each individual pillar, or feel that any one of these is out of balance, needing additional alignment, please reach out to Dr. Carly directly, at or head over to the website: for more helpful tips on how to lead a thriving life in your busy work schedule.

Individual programs are worked on collaboratively, and with the client’s best interests and abilities, at heart. Nothing we decide on for you is out of your reach and capabilities – ever.

Carly Reimold
Dr. Carly is a Certified Kvantum Energy Healing Facilitator through the Institute for Metaphysics and Humanistic Science, with a Master’s degree and specialization in the BTMI (Body-Thought-Memory Integration) modality. She is a Holistic Wellness & Business Mentor, helping individuals align the three pillars of Health, Self & Wealth, within themselves. She does this through unique programs and chakra restoration, specifically designed for the individual, and incorporating a variety of natural healing and vibrational tools.

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