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As Human Beings, we thrive on working towards achieving goals. Whether they are small or larger goals, the forward-moving motion of action motivates us to keep our lives going at a steady pace. Breaking larger goals into smaller steps – in this case, Quantum Leaps – will, in most cases, help you achieve more!

Some goals may be easily achievable, and others may take a little longer, but the point is to HAVE something to look forward to, and to work hard for those successes. It is these future achievements that keep our life looking bright and sparkly.

VISION CASTING Lays The Foundation

Vision Casting is the fun part of goal-setting. This is where you get to sit back, for just a moment, and dream big – really big! You have, surely, heard the phrase “the possibilities are limitless”, and this is really where this comes to light. 

Within your mind, you can come up with any kind of imagery of yourself or for yourself – no matter how great or small the situation – and view yourself as having achieved that “thing”.

This is a very important step, because you need to “see”, in your Mind’s Eye, what you dream of achieving for yourself, before any other step can take place.

Here are a few tips for Vision Casting:

*This is a form of visualization practice!

  1. No situation, item, moment is TOO big – come up with the greatest possible outcome, or achievement, for yourself
  2. Imagine yourself, physically, in that moment 
  3. Smell, taste, feel, hear and see everything around you in that particular moment
  4. In your Mind’s Eye, “look” at yourself (as though you have stepped out of your physical body for a moment), and smile. Feel the success of your achievement.
  5. Now, take out a paper and pen, and note down what you have just visualized you having in your life. Putting these goals onto paper will help you focus on what you are going after.

As a final step to your Vision Casting practice, I invite you to physically go and smell, taste, feel, hear and see what you have just put onto paper as your goal. This will help make it more real and tangible. An example of this may be, you envisioned yourself owning a Porsche – find a Porsche dealership in your area and ask if you can sit in one of the cars, or even test drive it.


If you do not believe you can achieve these goals that you have envisioned for yourself, then what is the point. Going after something that you believe you will never have, is going to make you chase your tail.

Life is far too short to work hard all the time and never enjoy the results.

Here are some tips for working on your belief:

  1. Think of a moment, in your life, that you received an award or certificate. How did you feel? Connect with that emotion again, by “placing” yourself back into that moment.
  2. Celebrate ever achievement, no matter how small. Each achievement is you having succeeded in something, and this is a powerful boost for your belief system.
  3. Surround yourself with positivity. You don’t need negativity or toxicity around you, because it will only discourage you. Right now you are welcoming in positive energy, so that you can embrace abundance.
  4. Listening to motivational podcasts, that “speak” to your passions, or reading self-development books, will help encourage our own growth and belief in what you are capable of.
  5. Practice self-care. You work hard to achieve your dreams, so you deserve rest and care of your self. You are worthy of that.
  6. Affirm to yourself, every day, that you believe in your self:

“I am worthy.”

“I deserve abundance and flow.”

“I am a hard-working individual, who achieves all that she/he sets out to achieve.”


When identifying and writing out your goals it is important to keep a few things in mind, so that you can have the best possible outcome for what you are setting out to achieve.

Here is a breakdown of the SMART principles for effective goal-setting:

S = Specific

Note down exact details of what your goal looks like. This may include exact amounts, description, location, date, etc.

M = Measurable

All goals must be measurable. We will speak more about this in just a moment.

A = Achievable

We visualized incredibly big situations at the beginning of this article, which is directly related to this point. If you do not believe you are deserving and hard-working enough to achieve a large goal, then your momentum towards achievement will be hampered. Break this large goal into smaller parts, and these will “seem” more achievable. A few examples may be setting up a meeting with a dealership to discuss price and financing options for your dream car, or finding an additional stream of income so that you can reach the financial goal quicker.

R = Relevant

Make sure your goals are aligning with your beliefs and values. There’s no point on spending energy on something that will make you unhappy later on down the road.

T = Timely

This is where you need to be very specific on timeframe. What deadline can you set for yourself, so that “crunch time” becomes a reality?

MEASURE Everything

One thing to remember, when identifying your goals, is that individual steps will need to be taken, to achieve said goals. More often than not, we have a vision in our Mind’s Eye, which, at one point or another, starts seeming to be overwhelming.

“How am I meant to achieve this with my current stress levels?”

“I’m not earning enough to even dream of owning a car like that.”

Well, if you think that way, your belief in yourself will get knocked down, further and further, and your mindset will revert back to a negative framing. 

Here are a few ideas on how to make those BIG GOALS seem less overwhelming:

  1. Identify a single goal
  2. Work backwards, breaking this goal down into smaller tasks
  3. Specify time frames, by when these tasks need to be achieved
  4. Do not put too much pressure on yourself – life happens. If you cannot reach a certain deadline (because of xyz), tomorrow is another day!


You will have noticed that we did not once speak about manifestation in this article (that is a topic for another day!) ☺

There is a reason for this, though.

Manifestation is part of the visualization practice – 100% – but it does not end there!

Often times it is taught that by envisioning an outcome, and letting that energy simply “go into the universe” and flow, it will simply appear in your life.

I am here to tell you, that that is simply not the case!

You must always recognize that hard work is attached to results, otherwise you may be left feeling disappointed or unworthy – and you ARE worthy!

Step 1: Identify and internalize what it is that you are going after as a goal.

Step 2: Understand that you will need to put in hard work – there’s no way around this.

Step 3: Do the work!


The choice to THRIVE UP in your life starts with YOU! 

Make the decision and start acting on your Quantum Leaps, every day. 

You will soon start seeing the results, which you have been working so hard for!

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Carly Reimold
Dr. Carly is a Certified Kvantum Energy Healing Facilitator through the Institute for Metaphysics and Humanistic Science, with a Master’s degree and specialization in the BTMI (Body-Thought-Memory Integration) modality. She is a Holistic Wellness & Business Mentor, helping individuals align the three pillars of Health, Self & Wealth, within themselves. She does this through unique programs and chakra restoration, specifically designed for the individual, and incorporating a variety of natural healing and vibrational tools.

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