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Fitness For Entrepreneurs: Cutting


Fitness for Entrepreneurs - Cutting | Magazine

When it comes to fitness, a major player that immediately comes to mind is losing body fat.

There are many myths when it comes to losing body fat and they can cause you to look and feel worse in the long run.  The reason behind this is the fact that many magazines and people believe all you have to do is cut your calories really small and become a cardio machine.

Having this mindset is almost the farthest thing from where you want to be at.

The reason people tend to fall into this mindset is due to the fact that it is the mainstream way to think.

There are many ways to prevent this and lose body fat effortlessly.

The Answer to Lose Body Fat Effectively

A caloric deficit is key: A calorie deficit is eating less calories than your body burns in one day. Doing this will allow you to lose body fat effectively.

But if you’re in too large of a deficit you run the risk of losing muscle (which is something most of us do not want to do). So how do you lose body fat?

Throughout my experience, coaching others and several research studies have mainly concluded a 20-25% deficit is an effective range to lose body fat in. So how do you calculate it?

Take your caloric maintenance level (or TDEE as we discussed in prior articles) and multiply it by 20-25%. Take that number and subtract it from your caloric maintenance level. Here’s an example for my numbers:

My TDEE: 2800 x 25% = 700

2800 – 700 = 2100

So now that I have the number of 2100, I can effectively lose around 1-2 pounds of body fat per week.

Plug in your numbers to get the amount you need to eat at.

After you find this number you may ask yourself okay then what do I do for working out?

It’s simple. You continue to lift heavy (as stated in prior articles).

Continue to lift weights in the 6-8 rep range (80-85% of 1 rep max) with 60-80 total reps per major muscle group per week.

Continuing to lift in this range will allow you to retain muscle mass while you lose body fat.  Just remember that it will take some time to lose weight so you must be patient.

Think about it, if you have 30 pounds to lose that might take 15+ weeks.  But the thing is when you lose weight in this fashion it will allow you to retain your muscle mass while you lose body fat effectively.

Speaking of exercise, do as minimal cardio as possible unless you really enjoy it.  The reason being is the fact that you will be lower with calories and a lot of cardio can make you lose muscle.

I usually recommend people to only do cardio on their rest days if they absolutely have to at around 2 hours per week whether it be basic walks, HIIT, hiking or whatever you prefer.

But with that in mind I would not do much cardio because that causes a bigger deficit and on top of it it may decrease your TDEE which in turn lowers how much you can eat.

Another tip that comes to mind is to track your weight and body fat percentage. Use a program like Google Sheets or even write it on paper.  Track both of these numbers every single day and you will see a downward trend.

With all of this in mind, this is a very simple but effective guide to help you lose body fat while you are out on the road or even back home.  Being an entrepreneur can mean being very, very busy but you still will have time to effectively lose body fat to build the physique you desire.

Ben Maynard
Ben Maynard, adventurer, coach, writer - I am a 24 year old entrepreneur. I grew up and currently live in Northwest Ohio, USA. I'm an avid adventurer, passionate fitness coach and enthusiast, and writer. My passions are exploring all aspects of life and making the biggest impact on lives as I possibly can. Living life fully and in a positive manner is how I live.