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Escaping the Clamour – The Paradox of Average

Average | MagazineIn this world where everybody seems so incredibly confident, with egos inflated by the ease at which one can express one’s opinion through social media, we are confronted with one certainty – we are really just average. The easier it is to become somebody ‘special’, the more average we become, just another face among the the masses. For this is what we really are.

Yes, what we really live in is the age of average. We may well believe ourselves to be people with immense knowledge, but all too often we lacking the prerogative to decide to truly use it, and instead settle for being average.

Maybe we really are people looking for something to strive for, something to struggle for. It’s hard to know sometimes. Perhaps we’re just people looking for a happy life. Whatever it is, being average just isn’t enough. Or is it? Is it possible to strive for brilliance but not by trying to be exceptional? It sounds like a contradiction of terms. Let me rephrase it –

“Your success shouldn’t be the outcome of what you’re trying to be but should be the sequel of what you already are.”

This then is the paradox of average. The average inside you should be the reason for your brilliance. I’ve always been a paradigm subject for my family, probably to them another example of failure, due to my academic scores and even today this is no different. In fact, that’s probably the rationale behind my passionate attitude towards life .

“To be a paradigm of change in this sphere of resistance takes grit. To distance yourself from the noise requires self-mastery and then the strength to proclaim who you truly are and work for the certainty of a tomorrow that demands discipline.”

Quash those negative thoughts encircling your mind that your apparent mediocrity is the reason you don’t command admiration, why you haven’t got an army of loyal followers like so many others. We were born to discard that which is outdated, we are here either to change or to create. And for too long the idea that ‘averages will remain averages’ has taken command over our lives .


The truth is that we all start as average. And average is quite ok. You too can have a story of success. It can be yours. Go create it!

Ananya Dixit
I am young self help author , driven by the motivation to influence my peers with my words and hopefully also by my example.

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